“Current prosecutor used ski resort closed due to coronavirus”… “I’ve never done that at all”

Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom claimed that there are additional suspicions about Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office 2nd Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop, who is being investigated by the prosecution due to suspicions of ‘false registration’ and ‘unauthorized criminal background check’.

Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom, a member of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, claimed during a state audit of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office today (23rd) that prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop, who has been in charge of corporate and financial crimes, met inappropriately with the vice president of a certain group.

■ Kim Eui-gyeom “We can’t gather more than 5 people due to COVID-19, so we use family meals and ski resorts.”

Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom said Deputy Prosecutor Lee’s family had a family gathering at a restaurant in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on December 24, 2020, where executives from a certain group were present. He said he was present.

Rep. Kim said, “The vice president in question was a ‘solver’ who stepped up to the plate and solved the problem whenever the group was in trouble.” He added, “It is not appropriate for a current prosecutor, especially a prosecutor in charge of corporate crimes, to have a family meal with someone who has served as a problem solver for the conglomerate.” “No,” he pointed out.

Representative Kim also revealed that on December 24, 2020, when this photo was taken, it was a ‘special quarantine period’ during which more than 5 people could not gather in restaurants due to COVID-19 and the operation of the ski resort itself was prohibited.

However, they claimed that Deputy Prosecutor Lee and his family visited an empty ski resort and ate together at a restaurant there, violating the ‘prohibition of gatherings’ under Article 80 of the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

■ Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop, “A company executive stopped by to say hello… How could he have been skiing at the time?”

In response to this, the company pointed out by Rep. Kim said, “We have never been investigated by Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop.” He also said, “The executive in question never paid for meals, etc. at the time.”

Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop also said, “We never conducted an investigation related to the company in question, and the company executive at the time just happened to stop by the meal and briefly said hello.” He also said, “How could they have skied when the ski resort was closed?” and claimed that the allegations that they violated the quarantine law were “groundless.”

■ Prosecutor General Lee Won-seok “Inspection and investigation are in progress… Prosecutors not related to Lee Jae-myeong’s investigation”

Prosecutor General Lee Won-seok said he would confirm the suspicions raised by짱구카지노 도메인 Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom and asked the prosecution to provide related data.

In addition, regarding the suspicions of Deputy Prosecutor Lee’s misconduct raised by Rep. Kim earlier, he explained, “The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office are conducting inspections and investigations simultaneously, respectively.”

However, in response to Rep. Kim’s question, ‘Do you have any intention of excluding work?’, he said, “It is difficult to judge work exclusion as this is the first time I have seen it today.”

He also said that it was inappropriate to disclose the prosecutor’s private information during a dispute between in-laws at a National Assembly audit, which was not a personnel hearing, and that he would look into related suspicions if Rep. Kim provided the materials to the prosecutors.

Prosecutor General Lee Won-seok said Prosecutor Lee Jeong-seop had been investigating conglomerates at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office until recently and had recently moved to the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office, and emphasized that “Deputy Prosecutor Lee has nothing to do with the investigation into CEO Lee Jae-myung.” .

■ Suspicion of false transfer and unauthorized criminal background check raised… Prosecutors are investigating Previously,

Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom said in a state audit of the Prosecutor’s Office on the 17th that Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lee had faked transfer for several years due to issues with children’s education, and that his brother-in-law, who runs a golf course, raised suspicions that he listened to fellow prosecutors’ complaints about golf.

In addition, suspicions were raised that Deputy Prosecutor Lee had looked into the criminal records of others in connection with private matters related to his family.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lee’s brother-in-law sent the golf course employee’s ID card and asked for a criminal background check, and there are also circumstances where this prosecutor requested a criminal record check for housekeepers and other people.

Regarding this, Prosecutor Lee stated, “I am sorry that this happened because of my daughter’s problems with going to college,” but denied that the suspicions of providing convenience related to the golf course and unauthorized criminal background checks were “absolutely not true.”

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