Lee Won-jeong starting over “It’s changing a lot from the toss posture to the pipe”

Heungkuk Life’s setter Lee Won-jeong, born in 2000, is already preparing for the 7th season of the V-League.

Lee Won-jung transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance during the 2022-23 season. Heungkuk Life Insurance is Lee Won-jung’s third team. Lee Won-jung, who joined Korea Expressway Corporation in the 2nd place in the 1st round of the 2017 rookie draft, went to GS Caltex in 2020 and settled in Heungkuk Life Insurance. Although he joined during the season, he played with a great sense of responsibility, starting all five championship matches against Korea Expressway Corporation.

This is Lee Won-jung, who has come to Heungkuk Life Insurance and is facing a great change. He is concentrating on training under the direction of coach Marcello Abondanza, who was appointed in February of this year.

Lee Won-jung, who we met at the Heungkuk Life Insurance gym토토사이트, said, “I came to the team in the middle of last season, but the finish was disappointing. He is preparing hard to challenge for the unified championship again.”

This is Lee Won-jeong, who is adapting to Abondanja’s training. He said, “I had my own pattern that I had before, but I am changing it. He is also learning the play he didn’t use. I also got confused and the toss became difficult. Now, I am trying to adapt well and follow suit,” he said. “I don’t use pipes a lot in Korea, but I try to use them a lot. Also, the toss posture has changed. I am looking for my own toss sensation while correcting his posture. Even in the case of the pipe, I am not short, so they tell me to catch a high RBI and send it.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance has a splendid attacking team in the upcoming season as well. Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena Ssangpo are also threatening, but veteran middle blocker Kim Su-ji will wear the Heungkuk Life Insurance uniform this year. As a setter, he has a lot of faith in his striker, but he also has a lot of pressure. Lee Won-jung said, “The burden or pressure is something I have to overcome. I have to do well,” he said with a firm determination.

In addition, Heungkuk Life Insurance has only four setters. Through the first player registration on June 30, Lee Won-jung, Kim Da-sol, Park Eun-seo, and Park Hye-jin are also possessed. Park Hye-jin underwent right knee cartilage surgery right before the start of the 2022 season, which put her out for the season. Recently, I started doing light ball exercises.

Regarding the operation of the setter, coach Abondanza said, “We are training with two courts with the support of the club. Players who haven’t been given a chance are getting enough training. During the off-season, he focuses on raising setters. It takes a lot of time to get along with one or two setters,” he said. “Lee Won-jeong is a player with a lot of potential, but he seems to lack confidence in himself. He is a player who can grow further. Park Hye-jin is also a tall setter. He is looking forward to playing in good condition in the new season.”

Regarding the goodwill competition among the setters, Lee Won-jeong said, “The four of us are getting along well. We also talk a lot about filling in each other’s missing parts. We talk about the difficulties of being a setter and try to overcome it together.”

176cm Lee Won-jung is of good height. Lee Won-jeong said, “Anyway, height is an advantage, so he seems to have been able to get a lot of opportunities to play since he was a rookie. I still don’t know about my toss,” he said shyly.

It is Lee Won-jeong, who has suffered frequent injuries, both large and small. He suffered from a hamstring injury at the end of the regular season last season. Because of this, Lee Won-jung said, “I am working hard on physical strength and body care. He personally wishes he hadn’t been hurt. And he wants the team to win a unified championship,” he said about his goals for the new season.

We are starting over with fresh changes. I am curious about the happy ending Lee Won-jung dreams of.

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