To the youth of the world in Daegu… ‘Peace and friendship through sports’

The world’s largest youth sports event is being held in Daegu메이저사이트.

Reporter Kwon Ki-jun visited the site where teenage students from all over the world strengthen friendship and harmony through sports.


Middle school athletes from various countries gathered at Daegu Stadium.

The 55th International Youth Sports Festival started on the 5th.

It is the world’s largest youth sports event certified by the International Olympic Committee and attracts 1,200 middle school students from 62 cities in 27 countries.

[Soundbite Moussaoui/French Middle School Student : “It’s great to meet new people and compete with a lot of friends from other countries and cultures.”] Hyosung Girls’ High School offers basketball, swimming at Duryu Swimming Pool, and Keimyung University soccer

. There are 5 sports, including basketball and volleyball.

As it is a sports festival for friendship and harmony among youths around the world, middle school students from Daegu came out to cheer.

[Soundbite] Woo Seong-bin(Gyeongmyeong Girls’ Middle School, 2nd year) : “At first, it was unfamiliar and unfamiliar, but it was nice to be able to exchange cultures and build friendships with friends from other countries.”] Daegu held the event for the second time this year, following 2012


[Soundbite] Park Yeong-ki(Daegu Sports Council President) : “It is an economical competition that utilizes 100% of public sports facilities and Keimyung University sports facilities without building or expanding stadiums.”]

Since this festival, which ends on the 10th, is a friendly match, no rankings are given by country or city, and awards are given only to the first, second, and third place in each event.

This is KBS News Kwon Ki-jun.

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