Looking at the indictment of President Yoon’s brother-in-law… “Forgery of documents using paint”

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President Yoon Seok-yeol’s brother-in-law, Mr. Kim, was sent to trial last July in connection with suspicions of preferential treatment in the Yangpyeong Gongheung district.

The indictment obtained by KBS contained the content that documents submitted to the county office were forged to reduce development fees and that the ‘Paint’ program installed on Windows was used in this process.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Yerin Lee.


Suspicions about the Yangpyeong Gongheung district emerged during the last presidential election.

President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife’s company was in charge of development, and there were suspicions that it received preferential treatment from Yangpyeong County and others.

As a result of the prosecution and police investigation, President Yoon’s mother-in-law was not indicted, but his brother-in-law Mr. Kim, the real owner of the developer, and other officials of the developer were handed over to trial in July.

He was charged with falsifying private documents and obstructing events and official duties.

KBS obtained the indictment of Mr. Kim and others and looked토토사이트 into the specific facts of the crime.

The private documents they forged and used were documents related to ‘transportation of soil’.

The goal is that the longer the distance to transport soil, the higher the development cost, which reduces the development burden.

I forged two certificates: a certificate of soil transport distance and a certificate of soil import, using ‘Paint’, a basic Windows program.

I used the ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ functions to cut and paste the image of the relevant company’s seal from another document.

The person in charge of civil engineering work actually did the paint work.

However, the prosecution judged that Mr. Kim and others also actively conspired.

The indictment states that ‘Mr. Kim decided to call the person in charge directly and fabricate supporting documents related to soil transportation.’

He requested that the certificate of soil transport distance be modified and that a certificate of soil brought in be produced.

Two forged documents were submitted to the Yangpyeong County Office in 2016, and after two objections, the following year, Yangpyeong County effectively exempted the development fee.

The reason the prosecution added the charge of obstruction of official duties, which the police did not apply, when sending Mr. Kim and others to trial was because they judged that their forgery of documents was actively interfering with the work of public institutions.

Meanwhile, three Yangpyeong County Office officials who were first indicted on charges of writing false official documents are scheduled for their first trial this month.

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