President Yoon’s ‘Yukseong recording’ file leaked… “More recordings may come out”

A recording of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s speech has스포츠토토 been released, causing a stir. The recording file contains content such as “Even if Lee Jun-seok cheats, it will only last for 3 months” and “ If you XX guys mess up, we will crush you.” Our Jang Kaebi (Public Opinion Center Director Jang Seong-cheol) said, “A transcript containing the sitting president’s private conversation has been made public. “This is a huge thing,” he said, adding, “It could be a warning symptom of what the people think about power.” Check it out at <Gongdeok Pocha>.

Production crew

Responsible producer: Kyeong-ju Lee

Producer: Do-seong Kim

Writer: Yeon-shin Park

Reporting desk: Jeong-pil Kim Cast: Chae-kyung Song, Seong-cheol Jang, Seong-hoe Kim Administrator: Yang-im Kim Title: Seok-jin Moon Technician: Seong- young Park Sound : Ji-nam Jang Camera: Young-jin Kwon, Seung-ho Jang, Gyeong-won Park Subtitle graphic design and thumbnail: Soo-kyung Kim Directed by: Ju-yong Jeong, Kyu-ho Lee ( pd295 @ ) Produced by: Hankyoreh TV

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