Manchester United ‘Inconvenient Living Together’ Ends… Decided to Finalize ‘Farewell’ This Summer and Not Extend Contract

Manchester United will part ways with striker Antony Marcial (28, France) this summer. This is because Marcial has failed to meet expectations due to his sluggish performance in recent years and he has no reason to accompany him as he was excluded from Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag (54, Netherlands). While Manchester United does not plan to activate the option to extend his contract period with Marcial by one year, Marcial is expected to leave as a free agent (free contract) when his contract expires in June.

European football transfer market expert Rudy Galetti said on his social network service (SNS) on the 22nd (Korea time), “It has been confirmed that Manchester United are not planning to invoke the option to extend Marcial’s contract for another year. Marcial has been excluded from coach Ten Hag’s plan, and unless the decision changes suddenly, he will leave Manchester United as an FA in June.”

Marcial is considered one of Manchester United’s representative ‘failures’ in the 2010s. When he wore the Manchester United uniform in 2015, he was called the ‘second Henri’ and received a whopping 80 million euros (about 115 billion won), raising expectations, but since joining the club, he has shown only disappointment. In particular, he was criticized for his attitude controversy, as he claimed that he was running around even if he played, in addition to the question of not performing training properly.

In fact, since joining Manchester United, Marcial has no record to put forward except for the season in which he scored 23 goals (12 assists) in 48 official matches in the 2019-2020 season. In particular, he has only scored in double digits in three seasons (2015-2016, 2017-2018, 2018-2019). Aside from simply having few offensive points, Marcial was not of much help every time he played. 업소알바

As a result, Marcial has started to lose ground in Manchester United over time, and he has recently been completely excluded from the race to become a starting member. He played in 19 matches in all competitions this season, but in terms of average playing time, he only played in 33.1 minutes. He also scored two goals (two assists). Amid this situation, Marcial has been out of the team since December last year due to a mild illness and a groin hernia.

As a result, Manchester United has decided to end their partnership with Marcial since last year. In particular, since Marcial is paid a high salary, Manchester United has been active as it helped financially to say goodbye as soon as possible. According to the soccer club’s financial statistics media Carpology, Marcial currently receives a whopping 290,000 euros (about 420 million won) a week at Manchester United.

However, Manchester United previously failed to sell Marcial, who had six months left on his contract during the winter transfer window in January. This is because the negotiations fell through as Marcial made up his mind to stay at the time. In the end, with Marcial’s contract expiring at the end of this season, Manchester United plans to part ways by sending him to the FA without invoking the option to extend his contract for another year. Manchester United is determined to end their “inconvenient cohabitation” with Marcial even at the risk of damage such as not receiving a transfer fee.

According to Galetti, Marcial is most likely to leave as an FA in June, but no club has reportedly approached him in detail yet. Until recently, Marcial had received the attention of West Ham United, Olain Peak de Marseille, Fenerbahce and Saudi Arabia, including “friendly” AS Monaco. In particular, he was the closest to Fenerbahce.

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