“My son who went to the Jamboree lost contact on the 3rd day”… British mom is upset at Saemangeum where her phone can’t even be charged

Parents around the world who sent their children토토사이트 to the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree in Buan, Jeollabuk-do are bursting with anger at the poor local situation and the poor preparation and response of the organizers. Concerns are growing that teenagers from different countries and parents from their home countries who entered Korea with fantasies about Korea to create pleasant memories will only have a bad image of Korea. There are also concerns that Korea’s image as a powerhouse in IT and content and the status of Korea, which has been built by successfully attracting various large-scale international events, could be destroyed by this event. Elaine Beckett, who commented on the social network service (SNS) of the British scout delegation on the 3rd, said, “My son hasn’t been able to use his cell phone for the third day .

” poured out Currently, Jamboree participants say that they are in a poor situation where they have to charge their phones at the charging station prepared in the sub camp. Beckett said, “We worked hard and saved money to send our children to Korea,” and “only bad memories will remain in Korea.” Another parent, Mr. Maxine DeGeneta, said, “My son had a good experience while touring Seoul before attending the Jamboree and thanks to the kind Koreans,” but also added, “At the Jamboree, only messages from children saying that there is no place to sleep safely are coming. While waiting, I couldn’t even participate in the opening ceremony.” Some British parents answered the phone from her daughter, who shed tears, saying, “I was hungry, I couldn’t sleep properly, and I had to use the men’s room.”

“My daughter is attending an event and says that the venue is completely disorganized and there is no place to rest because it is very hot,” said Ric (pseudonym), whose children are believed to have participated on Facebook, in Spanish . It is said that (the site also) had a fight filled with water and mud. Please do something.”

Domestic parents also protested. Parent A, whose child participated in this Jamboree Festival, said, “They said that the child didn’t eat because the food was too poor, such as bread and snacks.” ” he said. She continued, “She said that she wanted to go home to every foreigner she met, so she was worried about whether (the event) would disgrace our country.”

A video uploaded by a student from Wales, UK, on ​​the YouTube channel ‘Jamboree Jamie’ contained the poor conditions of the site as it was. The floor of the shower room was covered with mud, making it difficult to shower, and the water was too cold to wash. In the comments of the video, “As a Korean, I am ashamed and sorry. I hope you don’t get hurt and stay healthy”, “I came to make memories, but as a Korean, I’m so upset and sorry for the poor situation”, etc.

Meanwhile, in a certain community, a post saying that this Jamboree Festival was an ‘Anti-Korean Manufacturing Festival’ became a hot topic. Mr. B, who is participating as a leader, posted a picture of his participation certification and started writing, “The venue is very poor.” He sarcastically said, “The heat problem is also a big one, and despite the fact that there is no electricity in the place where each unit lives, there is not even an air conditioner, let alone a fan.” “The conclusion of the Jamboree Festival is that it is an anti-Korean manufacturing festival.”

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