“The man standing on the escalator suddenly takes out a weapon and stabs the security guard first”

At 5:56 pm on the 3rd, a man in his 20s wielded토토사이트 a weapon against an unspecified number of citizens on the first floor of AK Plaza in Seohyeon Station, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, injuring about 10 people . A car believed to have been driven by the man earlier drove into the sidewalk from the road near AK Plaza and hit passers-by.

According to witnesses, a man wearing a black jumper, hat and sunglasses jumped into AK Plaza, a shopping mall connected to Seohyeon Station on the Bundang Line, and brandished a weapon. The man committed the crime by going back and forth between the first and second floors of the shopping mall. 

At the time of the incident, 119 reports were received one after another stating that “a man is stabbing people.” The dispatched police immediately arrested one suspect as a current criminal at around 6:05 that day. Witness Heo Amugae (25) said, “I was out to meet a friend, but suddenly a man started brandishing a weapon, and people got tangled up in running away and fell and got hurt. The scene was so terribly terrifying that I had no choice but to flee.” Another witness, Amugae Lee (27), said, “The criminal, who was riding the escalator down from the second floor to the first floor, suddenly took out a weapon and stabbed the security guard.” didn’t,” he said.

It was identified that nine people were stabbed and injured that day. They were moved to nearby Bundang Jesaeng Hospital. Even a doctor helicopter was dispatched to the nearby Bundang-gu office to prepare for an emergency. The three victims who were brought to Bundang Jesaeng Hospital were severely stabbed in the abdomen, back, and side, and received first aid. Kim Gyeong-ho, head of the general affairs team at the hospital, said, “First aid measures for the victims have been completed, but I understand that the stabilization process is in progress as the shock was severe due to the sudden incident.”

Prior to the weapon rampage, the suspect drove the vehicle to the sidewalk in front of Seohyeon Station Station and crashed into four pedestrians one after another. All the injured were taken to the hospital and are being treated, but two of them are in critical condition. It was found that there were no other people in the vehicle other than the suspect. It was found that the suspect went straight into the department store and brandished a weapon when the vehicle did not move due to the shock at the time of rushing through the sidewalk.

The police are investigating the motive of the crime against the man who has been arrested. The arrested suspect was confirmed to be in his early 20s and works in the delivery business. He said to the police, “I have suffered group contract killings from several people for a long time. He is known to have stated that he wanted to publicize this and inform it.” The police are also planning to investigate the suspect’s mental illness and drug use.

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