“Never bring your friend to your house again!” My wife exploded after seeing the toilet in the bathroom.

 “I saw what you did when you came home last time, and you received proper home education. And there’s more. Well, he sat down to urinate. Are you really okay? 

A scene from the movie ‘Maybe We Broke Up.’ It is a conversation in which a woman introduces a man she knows to her friends. Upon hearing this, the friends all shout “jackpot!” Then, they made a fuss and asked me to introduce them right away.

That’s about it. The popularity of men who sit down to urinate is…

Person A recently hosted a housewarming party for her husband’s coworkers. Afterwards, the couple had a big fight. It ended up exploding while I was cleaning the bathroom. This is because traces(?) remained not only near the toilet but also nearby.

Mr. A said, “ If it’s someone else’s house, isn’t it basic courtesy to sit down and urinate?” He said, “I got angry and told him not to invite me to the house again, but it turned into a fight between the couple.” “I think it would be better to install a separate urinal,” she said, raising her voice.

It’s not just a matter of cleaning. Research has shown that urinating while sitting is much better hygienically. There are also studies that show that sitting down to urinate is more beneficial in terms of health.

According to an experiment by Lion in Japan, when a man urinates while standing seven times a day, 2,300 urine droplets splash out of the toilet bowl.

In some cases, urine droplets were found to splash up to 3 meters when urinating while standing. Even without considering the results of these studies, the harmful effects of urinating while standing can be easily discovered by just cleaning the toilet.

If the visible traces are this much, it is easy to infer how far the subtle traces that are not visible to the eye will spread.

In fact, men’s urinating habits are controversial around the world. British market research company YouGov recently conducted a survey targeting men in 13 countries. In conclusion레고토토, in most countries, there were more men urinating standing than urinating sitting down. The most common answer in Mexico was ‘Never sitting down to urinate’ (36% )

. Poland and the UK were similar at 33%. Singapore (58%) was the country with the highest proportion of men who said they watched while standing, with the answer being ‘rarely’ while sitting . So which country has the most people sitting down to urinate? It’s Germany. 40% of German men answered that they ‘always urinate while sitting down’, and when adding the answers that they urinate ‘most of the time (22%)’ or ‘sometimes (15%)’, the figure reached 77 % . YouGov said, “Interestingly, Germany is a country that even uses a derogatory term ( sitzpinkler ) for men who sit down to urinate.” It is explained that in addition to meaning ‘a person who urinates’, it is also used to mean a weak or weak man. YouGov added, “In German bathrooms, signs telling men to sit down to urinate are common, and urinating while standing is often considered antisocial behavior.” Korea was not included in the 13 countries surveyed by YouGov.

There is also a perception that sitting down to urinate is bad for men’s health. However, the medical community explains that the opposite is true. According to a 2014 study by researchers at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, men who sat down to urinate were found to be able to empty their bladders more quickly.

This is because the pelvic and spinal muscles are activated in a standing position, but these muscles are completely relaxed in a sitting position.

The researchers said, “When you urinate while sitting, you can completely empty your bladder easily and quickly. Sitting is a better option, especially for patients with prostate disease.”

If people suffering from an enlarged prostate do not completely empty their bladder, this can lead to stones or urinary tract infections.

The researchers added, “Peeing while sitting allows you to use your abdominal muscles more, making it easier to empty your bladder.”

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