‘6 million won’ bag discolors after 1 year… Customers who are angry

A bag worth 6 million won changes color in just one year, and even if you want to have it repaired, you have to wait an hour.

We’re talking about a French luxury brand.

Customers become angry because they frequently raise prices but cannot keep up with quality.

This is reporter Seunghee Kim.

Ji-ah Kim purchased a Chanel bag worth over 6 million won at a토토사이트 department store in Gangnam, Seoul last September.

A few days ago, I found traces of glue leaking at the entrance of the bag.

Even though I haven’t used it ten times, yellowish discoloration has developed.

[Jia Kim / Customer affected by discoloration of Chanel bag]
“I used this brand often, and no matter how old the product was, there were no such small defects. Even though I stored it with great care, it suddenly discolored.”

I contacted Chanel by phone and was informed that I would have to wait in line to apply for after -sales service.

To enter a Chanel store in Korea, you have to wait at least an hour even on weekday mornings due to the recent influx of Chinese tourists.

In the luxury goods online community, complaints like Kim’s are being posted about bond leaking from Chanel bags.

Chanel responded, “It is difficult to answer the reason for the bond leakage or discoloration,” and “ Once we receive AS, we provide repairs, exchanges, and refunds through internal and external deliberation. ”

The warranty period is 5 years from the date of purchase.

Last year, there was a problem with bonds appearing in Dior bags, and complaints were raised that exchanges or refunds were not properly processed.

[Seo Yong-gu / Professor, Department of Business Administration, Sookmyung Women’s University]
” Because consumers are confident that after-sales service will be 110% successful and pay high prices. If you do this, the purchasing power of consumers will eventually decrease…. “

The prices of luxury goods are skyrocketing every year, but quality is going in the opposite direction.

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