‘No. 1 of misfortune’ Hana 1Q Choi Min-joo declares retirement from active duty

 Choi Min-joo (25, 175cm), who had the unfortunate first place, left the court.

On the 31st of last month, Bucheon Hana 1Q announced the news of Choi Min-joo’s retirement through official social media.토토사이트

Choi Min-joo is of mixed blood, born to a Swiss father and a Korean mother. She started playing basketball belatedly when she was in her second year of middle school, but she grew up quickly and established herself as the ace of Sookmyung Girls’ High School. In 2017, she also led the team to win the Federation Presidency.

Based on these performances, he was nominated by KEB Hana Bank as the first overall in the 2017-2018 WKBL New Player Selection. Her outstanding athletic ability and explosive scoring ability were evaluated as strengths, so it was expected that she would be a great help to the KEB Hana Bank forward team.

However, his pro wall was high. Choi Min-joo did not show much presence while his team name was changed to Hana Bank and Hana 1Q. His frequent injuries also held him back. He played an average of 3 minutes and 22 seconds in 22 games until last season, leaving a shabby record of 1.1 points and 0.5 rebounds.

Eventually, after the end of last season, Choi Min-joo expressed his intention to retire early to the coaching staff and players. Hana 1Q tried to open the way through the waiver announcement, but Choi Min-joo’s choice was to retire from active duty.

An official from Hana 1Q said, “Since last season, I have been telling the coaching staff and players that I will retire. He can’t play and seems to be exhausted as he continues to struggle with injuries. He had thoughts of releasing him as a waiver, but he said he wanted to stop playing basketball, so he announced it as a retirement.”

In any country or in any league, the number one draft every year is bound to receive great attention. Choi Min-joo also entered the professional league with the first rank, but ended his career as a player without being able to blossom his skills.

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