The LAL prospect’s life is reversed… Joining the world’s strongest US national team after 2 years of debut

Reeves joins the US national team. 

‘The Athletic’ reported on the US men’s basketball team participating in the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time).스포츠토토

The unrivaled world’s most powerful United States. However, at the World Cup held in China in 2019, it met a humiliating result. Although a large number of superstars did not participate, the USA, whose roster was filled with NBA key players and above, was knocked out by France in the quarterfinals and even lost the subsequent match against Serbia, finishing the tournament in 7th place.

That is why the U.S. aims to recover its pride in this tournament. However, it is expected that the most elite member will not come out this time. Instead, a number of talented young guns that are attracting attention from the league are scheduled to sortie.

Some of the members of the US national team, which ‘The Athletic’ revealed on the 5th, included Anthony Edwards, Mikal Bridges, Tyrese Halliburton and Bobby Portis. Here’s another amazing name. This is Austin Reeves, who played a big role with the LA Lakers this season.

Reeves is an undrafted player who was not selected by any club in the draft just two years ago. Although the second-round nomination was not made because there was a contract agreement with the Lakers during the draft process, it is true that there was not much interest or expectations toward him at the time of the draft. On the other hand, Edwards, who came from first place, Bridges, Halliburton, and Portis were all players who were nominated in the first round. 

Reeves, who succeeded in surviving on the Lakers roster after constant effort, has now become an indispensable player for the team. In this conference final series against Denver, he showed off his presence by averaging 21.3 points, 5.3 assists, 54.9% field goal percentage, and 56.0% 3-point success rate. 

Reeves is attracting a lot of attention as a free agent. After rejecting a love call from the German team, he joined the world’s strongest team, the United States. What will Reeves, who is writing an antiwar drama after entering the NBA, look like on the World Cup stage?

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