‘Now KCC Man’ Lee Ho-hyun, “I know exactly what my role is”

“I know exactly what my role is. Defense is basic, and you have to read.”

KCC announced the recruitment of Lee Ho-hyeon (184cm, G) through a press release on the 15th.

Lee Ho-hyun, who graduated from Gunsan High School and Chung-Ang University, debuted in the 2014-2015 season. Since his debut he hasn’t been given many chances, but his last season was somewhat different. Although there were strong guards in the team, Lee Jung-hyeon (193cm, G) and Kim Shi-rae (178, G), he received many opportunities due to injuries to key players. And Lee Ho-hyun reciprocated.

He played an average of 20 minutes in the first round, putting up 7.9 points. After that, he struggled briefly with an injury, but recovered with an average of 10.9 points in the 5th round and an average of 8.7 points in the 6th round. His personal highest score was also updated to 23 points. In this way, Lee Ho-hyun recorded an average of 8.3 points, 2.7 assists and 2.2 rebounds, going back and forth between the bench and the starting lineup, and from average points to average assists and average rebounds, all were career high records.

Lee Ho-hyun, who had the best season like that, was rewarded this off-season. This is because he signed a free agency contract with KCC for 4 years and a total compensation of 240 million won. (Lee Ho-hyun’s total compensation last season was 60 million won (54 million won in annual salary, 6 million won in incentives))

Lee Ho-hyun said in a phone call with this magazine, “I was personally greedy because I got my first FA opportunity. KCC did so well. I am from Jeonbuk. Then, I grew up watching KCC basketball from a young age, and I’m so happy to go to such a club,” he said, expressing his feelings about the transfer.

He continued, “The biggest reason I decided to move to KCC is that KCC is a good team. There are many good players. To be honest, I was thirsty for grades. I decided to transfer, thinking that I would be able to look at a high place if I went to KCC,” he said together about the reason for the transfer.

KCC has many good players, but it struggled last season due to the absence of a solid point guard. This is why KCC wanted Lee Ho-hyun. Lee Ho-hyun knew this too. “There are so many good players. However, I had a hard time because I didn’t have the No. 1 position. The director also told me that there hadn’t been one before. I know exactly what my role is. Defense is basic, and you have to lead,” he explained his role.

Also, KCC has Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F) who debuted with Lee Ho-hyun. Lee Ho-hyun said, “Actually, I got a call from (Lee) Seung-hyun yesterday. He didn’t know if we would meet like this, but he said let’s do it well. I also really wanted to play with Seunghyun. He does the dirty work well and is versatile. Just imagining running together is fun,” he said about the relationship between the two players.

Lee Ho-hyun has grown to the next level by spending the best performance of his life last season. Let’s mention this, “In fact, I learned a lot about basketball while being with (Lee) Junghyun-hyung and (Kim) Shi-rae. My brothers told me in detail. He played a lot of games and gained confidence. So he was able to grow one step further,” he shared the secret (?) of his growth.

Lastly,메이저놀이터 “Samsung fans are sorry that I transferred. They also contacted me through SNS. I want to say thank you to them,” he said. Thinking about that heat makes me nervous and excited. I feel really good. I have a great desire to show fun basketball to those fans. I hope the fans will trust and support our team and me more.”

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