Referee in the match against Bahrain, is this time a biased judgment?… ‘No card’ + instinct to leave work even when flying

Referee Manning, who was criticized for inconsistent decisions in the match between South Korea and Bahrain, was embroiled in controversy over biased decisions this time.

Qatar beat the Palestinians 2-1 in the round of 16 at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation Qatar Asian Cup held at Albat Stadium in Alkor, Qatar, at 1 a.m. on Tuesday (Korea time). Qatar will advance to the quarterfinals.

The game, which was expected to be dominated by Qatar, defied everyone’s expectations, and Tajikistan took the lead. In the 36th minute of the first half, Daba, who caught the ball in a counterattack, shook Qatar’s net with a left foot shot.

Qatar also launched a counterattack. In the extra time of the first half, Al-Haidos scored the equalizer with a right footed shot from Afif’s cross from a corner kick. Thus, the first half ended in a 1-1 balance.

Early in the second half, Qatar had a chance to turn the tables. In the fourth minute of the second half, Ally, who caught the ball inside the penalty box, tripped over the defense and was declared a penalty kick (PK). Afif, who played as a kicker, finished it neatly and scored the come-from-behind goal. Later, Palestine launched an offensive to balance the match, but no additional goal was scored, and the match ended with a 2-1 Qatar victory 라바카지노.

Apart from the results of the game, referee Manning’s decision, which was in charge of the game, caused a great controversy. In the first group match between Korea and Bahrain, referee Manning also brought out as many as five yellow cards for Korea, but in Bahrain, he caused controversy with his generous decision.

In the match on this day, the decision is being criticized for being biased toward Qatar. Despite the delay in the game throughout the second half, only 7 minutes were given extra time, and there was a delay within the extra time, but the game was terminated as soon as possible. Of course, the extra time within the extra time was given at the discretion of the referee, but it was not easy to understand.

He didn’t take out his card even in the threatening foul scene in Qatar. In the extra time of the second half, Abdullah raised his foot high and hit the opponent’s defense while competing, but he didn’t even take out a yellow card. It was a contrast to the scene where he easily overused cards in the last match between Korea and Bahrain.

Referee Manning, who is lowering the level of competition due to inconsistent judgment, is expected to have a big impact on all teams if he is in charge of the event even in the quarterfinals. In this tournament, where accumulated warnings will disappear from the semifinals, below-level referees are becoming an unexpected variable.

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