Report: “Shin Hak-rim received 162 million won after interview with Kim Man-bae”… Shin “Kim bought 3 books I wrote… “I received it in exchange for the book.”

On the 1st, the prosecution, which is investigating allegations토토사이트 of preferential treatment for the Daejang-dong development project, began a mandatory investigation into Shin Shin-rim, former chairman of the media union. Prosecutors believe that former Chairman Shin received 162 million won in cash from Kim Man-bae, the majority shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management (Hwacheon Daeyu), in exchange for an interview about false allegations against President Yoon Seok-yeol just before last year’s presidential election.

The 3rd Anti-Corruption Investigation Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Kang Baek-shin) searched and seized former Chairman Shin’s home and office on charges of breach of trust and violation of the Anti-Corruption Act this morning. In September 2021, at the request of Mr. Kim, former Chairman Shin was accused of falsely interviewing President Yoon as if he had intervened in the alleged involvement in the investigation into the Busan Savings Bank case, and receiving 162 million won into his account five days later in return. I’m receiving it. Mr. Kim was also booked on charges of breach of trust.

According to the prosecution, on March 6 last year, three days before the presidential election, former Chairman Shin said, “President Yoon, who was in charge of the Busan Savings Bank case as the chief prosecutor of the Busan Savings Bank case while working as the head of the 2nd Central Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, cleared up the prosecution’s investigation into the ‘loan broker’ Mr. Jo.” The content of Mr. Kim’s recorded conversation containing the purpose was reported to ‘Newstapa’. In the file recorded in September 2021, Mr. Kim said, “Park Young-soo (former special prosecutor) diagnosed (related to the Busan Savings Bank incident) and said (to Mr. Cho), ‘(Go to President Yoon) and have a cup of coffee.’ So, there is a part where Yoon Seok-yeol says, ‘Are you Joe?’”

The prosecution determined that this content was false and fabricated at Mr. Kim’s request. It is reported that while investigating Mr. Cho, the prosecution obtained a statement to the effect that “I had never met President Yoon when I was being investigated by the Central Investigation Department.” It is said that they also found out the circumstances in which Mr. Kim called Mr. Cho in September 2021 and said, “Please understand that I will be interviewing Seok-yeol Yoon for giving me coffee.” Mr. Cho is the actual owner of Cheonhwa-dong Inn No. 6.

Former Chairman Shin held a press conference near his home in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 1st and completely denied the allegations, saying, “It is a funny story.” He claimed, “This is the money I received for the books I wrote.”

Former Chairman Shin is said to have met Mr. Kim on September 15, 2021 while asking how he was doing, and recorded the conversation they had at the time, and reported it to ‘Newstapa’ about six months later, on March 4, 2022. He claims that he was not involved in whether or not it was reported. Newstapa said on this day, “The report was published after carefully reviewing the value of the article at the editorial meeting.”

He said, “When I met with Mr. Kim, we talked about the book I wrote and Mr. Kim showed interest,” and “We met again before the Chuseok holiday started, signed a book sales contract, and received 3 million won as a down payment.” He then explained, “I deposited 162 million won (into the account) during the Chuseok holiday, saying it was the balance including value-added tax.” During the press conference, former Chairman Shin also showed reporters the part of the search and seizure warrant presented by the prosecution that stated, ‘162 million won was received on September 20th.’

On this day, former Chairman Shin personally took out and showed off his three-volume book, ‘Map of the Hybrids that Rule the Republic of Korea.’ He said, “Because it has not been officially published, there are not even 10 sets (on the market). Personally, I think the book price of 150 million won (excluding value-added tax) is cheap.”

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