Shinhan Bank Kim Ji-young “I will dedicate myself to winning the first summer camp”

“I will dedicate my whole body to Operation Nongae for my first win at summer camp토토사이트.” (Laughter)

Kim Ji-young of Shinhan Bank, whom I met after morning training at Takasaki Arena in Gunma Prefecture, Japan on the 14th, expressed her determination ahead of the summer camp. It was a joke mixed with determination, but it was a word that showed a willingness to dedicate oneself to the team.

Incheon Shinhan Bank Sbird, which is undergoing field training in Japan from the 7th, will participate as an invited team along with Cheongju KB Stars at the ‘Summer Camp 2023 in Takasaki’, which will be held from the 15th after completing a practice match against Denso and Aisin. 

To this end, Shinhan Bank moved from Anjo to Takasaki via the Shinkansen on the 13th, and held adaptation training at Takasaki Arena, where the game will be held in the morning and afternoon of the 14th. 

Kim Ji-young, who has been transferred to Shinhan Bank for about two months, also seems to have adapted to the new team to some extent.

In an interview with <Rookie> on the 14th, Kim Ji-young said, “I think I have adapted well to the team, but I don’t think I have yet to permeate well into Shinhan Bank’s basketball. So I think I have to figure out the movements of the unnies well.”

One of the goals set by coach Guna Dan in this field training was the coordination of the two guards Lee Gyeong-eun and Kim Ji-young. In the upcoming season, it is important to get the first button right as the two players will have to work together as main guards. 

Kim Ji-young said, “(Lee) Kyung is very comfortable when she runs with her sister. She takes good chances and when I catch the ball, she runs well to the other side, so it’s easy to develop a quick attack. I think the sum of 1 and 2 matches well.” .

However, Lee Kyung-eun said in an interview at the beginning of her field training, ‘She seems to be unable to play because her junior, Kim Ji-young, is paying attention to me too much.’ there is a bar 

Regarding this, Kim Ji-young said, “I read the article, and in fact, Kyung-eun unnie called me before that. (Laughs) But what I can say confidently is that I didn’t notice. While living together, I understood to some extent, but this is the first time Lee Kyung-eun and Kim Jin-young’s movements are almost the first. So, as I tried to play after grasping the movements of the two players, it became a form of noticing. I think it’s because I’m trying to figure out the movement,” he said with a laugh.

Kim Ji-young, who is not far behind in speed in Korea, had to go through an unintentional hit during the field training. It was because it was not easy for him to cross over to the opponent’s court, being blocked by the Japanese guards who were faster and stronger than himself. 

He looked back, saying, “The Japanese team’s guards are really fast. Their transition speed in air defense is fast and their ability to distribute the ball is accurate. They even have a passing sense, and I think we should learn these as players.”

Now, Shinhan Bank is returning to Korea after participating in the 3-day summer camp. As we have reached the end of the field training, it is time to finish well.

Kim Ji-young said, “Now only the summer camp is left, but the first one is to avoid getting injured. And the second one is that no matter how friendly it is, it’s a match, so I think we should take care of the victory. To that end, I devoted myself to the so-called Operation Nongae, one of the opponent’s guards. (Laughs) I think we should do it to make our team members feel comfortable.”

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