Showgolf succeeds in attracting 70 billion won investment… Merger of Showgolf and XGOLF

Showgolf (CEO Cho Seong-jun), which has emerged as a ‘golf practice range brand that has never existed in the world’, has succeeded in attracting investment, breaking through the negative news of the recent contraction of the domestic investment market.

Showgolf said on the 14th, “The strategic and financial investment company Aegis Investment Partners-Giant Partners PE-Ebest Investment & Securities Consortium, Shinhan Financial Group SI Fund, Daishin Private Equity & SKS Private Equity Consortium participated in this investment.” .

Showgolf is a company 100% invested by CEO Cho Seong-jun. Showgolf, a new company that is attracting the attention of domestic golfers with a differentiated concept, explained that it succeeded in attracting this investment by being highly evaluated for its business competitiveness and development potential in the golf industry.

With the investment secured this time, Showgolf purchased all shares of Greenworks (XGOLF) owned by YG Plus and Naver.

Showgolf explained, “With Greenworks (XGOLF), we received a total corporate value evaluation of 70 billion won, establishing ourselves as the first successful case of management buy-out (MBO) in the golf industry.”

Based on this,메이저사이트 Showgolf plans to pursue an IPO (initial public offering) at the end of 2025.

CEO Cho, who has secured complete management rights, plans to develop a new business model of an online and offline convergence platform through a golf platform (XGOLF) and a driving range model (Show Golf) for a successful IPO. He also plans to lead the new data golf culture in Korea by deploying ‘FlightScope’, a launch monitor, within the golf industry.

CEO Seong-Jun Cho said, “This investment attraction and successful MBO is the result of implementing a selection and concentration strategy for 20 years for the development of domestic golf culture.”

He added, “In the future, through show golf, we will create a golf ecosystem where domestic golfers can enjoy diverse and fun golf.”

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