‘Silly’ Park Ji-hyun, Ha Chan-seok’s Most Wanted Ranking Top… Acquired her first title in her life ‘4th Dan → 5th Dan’

 Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, won her first title. 

Ji-hyun Park won the final of the 11th Ha Chan Seok-guk Cup Gifted and Talented Competition held at the Hapcheon Culture and Arts Center in Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 16th, defeating Je-hoon Won 3rd Dan in 272 moves.

Park Ji-hyun, 4th dan, born in 2005 and this was her last appearance, achieved a final victory by winning in her third appearance in the competition. The winner, Park Ji-hyeon, 4th dan, was promoted to 5th dan according to the Korea Kiwon promotion regulations.

Park Ji-hyun, who caught the black, carried out a practical 토토사이트strategy and took control of the game. Won Je-hoon’s 4th Dan’s central back force was skillfully eliminated to maintain a slight advantage, and as a result, victory was achieved with 2 and a half points remaining.

Park Ji-hyun said, “I am even more happy because it is my first win since joining the team,” and added, “I will work hard to become a player who can consistently achieve results in the future.”

In the 11th Ha Chan-seok Kook Soo Cup Gifted Talent Competition, 25 professional players born after 2005 participated and selected 6 finalists through the preliminary Swiss league held on August 12-13. 

In the final round, the six preliminaries (Park Ji-hyeon, 4th dan, Won Je-hoon, Choi Eun-gyu, Jeong Woo-jin, Kim Seung-jin, and Kim Dong-ju, 3rd dan) and seeded Han Woo-jin, 9 dan and Kim Eun-ji, 6 dan, joined to determine the finalists through a quarterfinals tournament.

Meanwhile, the awards ceremony held after the finals was attended by Hapcheon County Mayor Kim Yun-cheol, Hapcheon County Council Chairman Cho Sam-sul, Hapcheon County Sports Council President Yoo Dal-hyung, Hapcheon Baduk Association President Park Sang-gon, and Korea Association of Korea Secretary General Yang Jae-ho.

At the award ceremony, Hapcheon County Governor Kim Yun-cheol said, “Now in its 11th year, the Ha Chan-Seok Guksoo Cup Gifted Baduk Competition is becoming a cradle for popularizing Korean Baduk and nurturing the next generation of Baduk talent,” and added, “I would like to thank Park Ji-hyeon, 4th Dan, and Won Je-hoon, 3rd Dan, who showed great games today. “I would like to express my gratitude and congratulations, and I look forward to becoming a treasure of Korean Baduk that dominates the world of Baduk.”

Hapcheon County Mayor Kim Yun-cheol awarded prize money of 10 million won and a trophy to winner Park Ji-hyeon, 4th dan, and Hapcheon County Council Chairman Cho Sam-sul awarded 5 million won in prize money to runner-up Won Je-hoon, 3rd dan.

The time limit for the 11th Ha Chan Seok-gook Cup Gifted and Talented Competition, sponsored by Hapcheon-gun and hosted and hosted by the Korea Foundation, was 20 minutes each with 20 seconds of additional time in the Fisher method.

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