“Smart people should have children” Musk donates sperm to female executive

A biography was revealed in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated sperm to an executive of a company he founded and gave birth to twin children.

Musk: “Falling birth rate threatens human survival”

According to the U.S. economic media outlet Insider토토사이트 on the 12th (local time), author Walter Isaacson’s book ‘Elon Musk’, published on this day, contains the background of Musk having a child with Seavon Gillies (36), a Neuralink executive. Neuralink, which researches brain transplant technology, was founded by Musk in 2016. Isaacson said in the book that Musk feared that “a decline in the birth rate would pose a threat to the long-term survival of humanity.” In the book, Gillis said, “Musk said that smart people should have children, and he encouraged me to do the same. He said that if I was ready to have children, he could be a sperm donor. “

Gillis, who received sperm donation from Musk, gave birth to fraternal male and female twins in 2021 through in vitro fertilization. Her twin initially took the last name Gillis, but later reportedly kept her middle name Gillis and changed her last name to Musk. Gillies told Isaacson, “I thought because Musk was doing so many things, he would just act like a godfather or something.” However, contrary to expectations, Musk is known to be spending a lot of time with her twins, visiting Jillis’ house at least once a week.

Musk married Canadian writer Justin Wilson in 2000 and they have five children. He had three children with his lover Grimes (Claire Boucher). Including the twins born to Gillis, the total number of Musk’s biological children confirmed so far is 10.

My father’s verbal abuse when I was young… “Psychological confusion”

Isaacson described Musk’s father, Errol Musk, as “an engineer, a villain, and a charismatic dreamer who torments Elon to this day.” Musk lived with his father from the age of 10 to 17, and the book contains details of how he had to endure abuse, including verbal abuse and ridicule, from his father. Musk’s younger sister Tosca said her father sometimes admonished his children with accusations such as “You are useless and pathetic.” She added: “My father’s mood could change at a moment’s notice, and even when everything was going great, he would quickly become vicious and lash out.”

Musk’s cousin, Peter Reeve, said Musk may have inherited this from his father, saying, “When Elon is in a good mood, he seems like the coolest and funniest thing in the world, but when he’s in a bad mood, he gets really dark and it feels like everyone around him is walking on thin ice. ” said. Isaacson said, “Musk is not a person born with inner peace,” and analyzed that most of his relationships “involve psychological turmoil.”

Controversy over intervention in Ukraine war… Clarification of “incorrect explanation”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that there were some errors in the book’s content that Musk intervened in the Ukraine war by temporarily blocking internet access from space company SpaceX’s Starlink satellite. “Musk concluded that allowing Starlink to be used for attacks could be disastrous,” the book says. “So he told engineers to turn off coverage within 100km of the Crimean coast.” It is written:

However, Isaacson said in an interview with the Washington Post ( WP ), an American daily, that “it contains incorrect explanations.” WP said, “Starlink did not work in the Crimea to begin with,” and “When Ukraine asked to turn on Starlink to attempt an attack, Musk refused considering Russia’s nuclear retaliation.” Isaacson and the publisher plan to revise the content in subsequent editions.

Isaacson is a famous author who wrote biographies of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. Isaacson said he allowed Musk to accompany him for more than two years and did not interfere with the content of the biography in any way. ‘Elon Musk’, published on this day, runs to 670 pages. The book contains Musk’s life and anecdotes with famous people. It was published simultaneously in 32 countries around the world, including the United States and Korea.

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