Son Jun-ho side “7th day in Chinese detention, Jun-ho is calm”

This was introduced in Don’t Let Go News a while ago. Son Jun-ho, who is playing in the Chinese league. He went to the airport to visit Korea for a while and was arrested by the Chinese police at the airport. When we introduced them, they said they had been detained for about five days. It’s already been a few days, but what the hell happened to Son Jun-ho?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> First of all, the contents that have been disclosed to the media so far are being investigated by the Chinese public security, and there is no human rights violation in this regard. And our Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson has been told so far. He is the closest person to Son Jun-ho. I have secured the position of the agent side.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> First of all,메이저사이트 we also talked to the consul. I am the only person who has met Junho Son. Consul only. Since the consul expressed a no-comment position that he could not comment a word, we cannot convey the position of the consul. However, I did a little detailed coverage of the position of Son Jun-ho and the position of Son Jun-ho’s agent. So, how is Son Jun-ho looking at this situation right now, can you explain the situation? First of all, what is the condition of Jun-ho Son, who is now in custody?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> Sohn says he’s a bit calm. He says he is most concerned about his family. My family was with me at the time of the airport, and there were children. So, the children are very young, and since the father was arrested in front of them, it is said that Son is also worried about the children the most.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> There are no health problems right now, and I am accepting the situation calmly, but I am very worried about my family. On what charges is the Chinese public security detaining Son Jun-ho?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> Until now, what China has been revealing is that it is a non-public official bribery crime. To put it simply, this charge is applied when a company or individual, not a state institution, illegally receives someone else’s property.

◇ Kim Hyeon-jeong> In the case of bribery, there will be bribery of public officials, and there will be bribery of non-public officials and ordinary people.

◆ Kang Seung-hee> I’m not a civil servant. So in the end, it is highly likely that he was involved in a match-fixing or bribery case. These speculations keep popping up.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> It’s just speculation right now, no one knows for sure. So it’s frustrating. A player who played for the national team in the Qatar World Cup in Korea has been detained by Japanese public security for over a week, but no one knows what the hell is going on. That’s why we want to hear from the agent’s point of view. First of all, what does the agent say about the match fixing charges?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> Son Jun-ho is in the center position here. He is a midfielder. So there is no reason to get involved in match-fixing like this because it is a central position, not a position that has a direct impact on attack or defense, that is, the goal. In the end, it is a state of denying the allegations.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Son Jun-ho’s position is that they are not involved in such things. This is match fixing, and China’s position is that it is under investigation for bribery. What does the agent say about bribery charges?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> I have to go to the situation at the time of the contract. Until 2020, Son Jun-ho played for Jeonbuk FC. But here he went to the Shandong club, and the Shandong club paid Jeonbuk a transfer fee of about 6 billion won.

◇ Kim Hyeon-jeong> Originally, when you bring a player, you scout and pay the transfer fee to the club.

◆ Kang Seung-hee> But there is a Chinese agency in the middle. But isn’t the fee bribed here, this suspicion is coming out right now. But at that time, there were new rules in China. So there was an upper limit of 3 million euros for foreign players. However, this is actually a fair amount, but I just gave it this much. So, it is the position that we followed the rules exactly, and that there was nothing like a bribe given to the Chinese side.

◇ Kim Hyeon-jeong> So, Son Jun-ho is accused of going to the Shandong club while paying a bribe to a Chinese agency, but Son Jun-ho has no reason to do so. At that time, I heard that there were many contacts from England and Italy to come?

◆ Seunghee Kang> That’s right. Since Son Jun-ho is a player who is popular to some extent, in fact, he gave me an unfair amount of money, so there was no reason for me to go to China there. In addition to China, there was a lot of contact from England and Italy, so there was no need to go to the Chinese club this way.

◇ Kim Hyeon-jeong> Then, if Son Jun-ho’s position is that it is neither bribery nor match-fixing, then why did you suddenly want to leave the country after playing well in China, and then why did you get caught? What do you say about that part?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> It is known that it is related to Son Jun-ho’s family. He has children and says he’s been feeling unwell lately. That’s why Son Jun-ho was also not in good health, but he was playing the game. So he said that he had enough discussions with his coach (acting manager at the time), went to Korea to recover, and after receiving permission to play again, he made the decision to leave the country. So it was for health reasons and it was a schedule of 3 nights and 4 days. And I had already cut off all the air tickets from Korea back to China.

◇ Kim Hyeon-jeong> Then, Son Jun-ho’s position was that he intended to go back to Korea for 3 nights and 4 days for the sake of the children’s health and his own health.

◆ Kang Seung-hee> And I’m in the position that I didn’t even know that I would be detained. After passing the immigration screening, I contacted the public security, but first of all, there were players in this club who were being investigated for match fixing. So, when I was being investigated for this, I thought it would be a little short, so I went to my family first, and I said I’ll be there soon, and we broke up, but in the end, I ended up in detention.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Did you get caught by the police after passing through the immigration checkpoint?

◆ Seunghee Kang> Yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right. It’s so frustrating what we’ve told you right now, because the person who played our country’s national team has been detained by the Chinese police for over a week now, and we don’t know anything about it. Do you have a view?

◆ Kang Seung-hee> We are currently preparing countermeasures by forming a lawyer. The story of a five-year prison sentence is coming out now, but it’s premature to say this, and there’s no basis for it at all. He denies the allegation of bribery. I have a plan like this first, that the lawyers can meet with Son Jun-ho around the beginning of the next week after the application for interview is completed tomorrow. The Korea Football Association is also moving. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed its position that it is continuing to provide consular assistance.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> A lot of people were curious, so we gave you some of the information we covered.

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