‘Yang Hong-seok transfer and Moon Seong-gon recruitment’ KT Pando, what do you think of Heo Hoon?

“I think I just need to do well.”

Suwon KT let go of FA (free agent) Yang Hong-seok and recruited Moon Seong-gon for 5 years and 780 million won. In addition to the new face that joined, director Song Young-jin was appointed as the new command tower, so KT fans’ expectations were further heightened.

Last season, KT finished the season in 8th place without advancing to the playoffs. It is said that Heo Hoon was omitted, but it was a great regret that one ace was not able to fill the absence. The new season began to improve the constitution by appointing coach Song Young-jin and recruiting Moon Seong-gon. How does Heo Hoon, who will return as KT’s ace after being discharged from the military, view this situation?

Heo Hoon cautiously said, “(Yang) Hong-seok went to LG as a free agent, but it’s not something I can talk about. I respect Hongseok’s choice. As a player, I hope that Hong Seok will go to LG and do better.” He respected Yang Hong-seok’s transfer.

Moon Seong-gon, who nested in KT, was the main resource of Anyang KGC, which won the regular league championship last season and the championship match. He is also the league’s best defenseman, who has won the Best Defense Award for four consecutive years, and also has the ability to cut 3-point shots from corners to the rim. As Heo Hoon, who assembles the game and has splendid offensive power, the recruitment of Moon Seong-gon can be a strong support.

Regarding Moon Seong-gon, Heo Hoon said, “I came to KT after winning, and I hope that KT will bring good energy so that they can win. He thinks it helps with the defensive stuff. Thanks to that, I hope the entire team can create synergy.”카지노사이트

Heo Hoon will be discharged on November 15th. After Heo Hoon returns, KT fans are excited and excited, saying that they are looking forward to the combination of Moon Seong-gon and Ha Yoon-gi.

Heo Hoon said, “I hope you don’t have high expectations because the bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment (laughs). Seonggon hyung can just do what he used to do, and (Ha) Yoongi showed a good performance last season. If I do well, I think it will be a good team.”

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