Strong Typhoon ‘Kanun’ heading to the Korean Peninsula… “landing near Busan on Thursday”

Strong typhoon ‘Kanun’ is expected to pass the안전놀이터 western sea of ​​Kyushu, Japan early this week and land on the Gyeongnam coast near Busan around Thursday.

Therefore, from the middle of the week, there are concerns that strong rain and wind will blow as the whole country enters the typhoon’s influence.

This is reporter Jung Hye-yoon’s report.

This is the appearance of Typhoon Kanun No. 6 heading north in the sea south of Kyushu, Japan.

It’s slow-moving, but near its center it has a storm reaching 35 meters per second and 126 kilometers per hour.

It is powerful enough to derail a running train.

This typhoon is expected to hit the Korean Peninsula this week.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said that the predicted course of the typhoon is more westward than before, and the possibility of landing in Korea has increased.

[Park Jung-min/Meteorological Administration Forecast Analyst: Typhoon Kanun No. 6, which is currently underway in the southern sea of ​​Kyushu, Japan, will gradually head north (on the morning of the 10th) and land on the Gyeongsang coast. Typhoon Kanun will turn north from Monday and pass through the western sea of ​​Kyushu, Japan, and will advance to the East Sea on Wednesday night and land on the Gyeongnam coast near Busan around Thursday morning. Afterwards, it is expected to cross Yeongnam and Gangwon-do from north to south and go north to North Korea.]

The forecasts of the US and Japan Meteorological Administration are similar to those of Korea Meteorological Administration.

Therefore, from the middle of this week, the whole country will enter the typhoon’s sphere of influence.

On Wednesday and Thursday it will rain across the country,

A typhoon warning will be issued with strong rain and wind of 25m per second or more in Yeongdong, Yeongnam, and some inland areas.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said that from Wednesday night, Jeju Island and parts of the southern coast will become more windy and windy as they enter the typhoon’s influence.

From Thursday morning, the entire southern region and the whole country from Thursday morning are expected to intensify in the area affected by the typhoon.

The Meteorological Administration asked for thorough preparation and caution, saying that as the typhoon moves north, strong winds and waves will be very high in the South and East Seas, and there are concerns about damage from storm surges along the coast.

This is YTN Jeong Hye-yoon.

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