Subway surfing risking life on ‘Like’… Teenager deaths one after another

A video of a dangerous stunt on top of a running subway.

It is called ‘subway surfing’, which is popular among American teenagers these days. There have been a series of accidents in which teenagers have died after doing this reckless act to attract attention on

social media .

Correspondent Narim Kang from New York covered the story.

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Young people running around on a running train.

It’s a so-called ‘subway surfing’ where you jump on a train like a mobile game hero and take a video while doing stunts.

In the United States, related accidents are continuing as it spreads like a trend among teenagers who are trying to increase the number of articles by uploading it on social media such as TikTok토토사이트.

On the 29th of last month, a 14-year-old boy died after falling from a train while attempting to surf the subway in Queens, New York.

Just over a week ago, two 14-year-old boys were found unconscious while surfing the subway in Brooklyn, one seriously injured and the other dead.

[Maya Perez/Friend of the deceased from ‘Subway Surfing’]
“He was a fun and kind child. I was shocked to hear that he had died because he was a friend I knew well.”

[Michael Camper/New York City Traffic Police]
“You shouldn’t even think about subway surfing. It’s extremely dangerous and lethal.

The New York police are visiting the homes of teenagers who tried to surf the subway and are appealing for their families to come forward and stop them, but the number of related accidents has quadrupled to 928 last year.

This year alone, seven people, including a teenager, died while trying to film a subway surfing video.

[Eric Adams/New York City Mayor]
“Because of the social media fad, we’re losing so many young people to these dangerous accidents.”

The mother of a teenage boy who died in February said there were no security guards or safety devices such as screen doors to stop her son from climbing onto the train, and she said she would sue authorities. The recklessness of teenagers who engage in risky behavior to attract attention on SNS is also a problem, but there are also voices that the structure of subway stations should be improved to prevent such behavior from happening


This is Kang Na-rim from New York at MBC News.

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