Ten Hagh openly stated…”Everyone knows? It’s not a secret that we lack the number 9 position”

Manager Eric ten Haag has publicly announced that he will sign No. 9.

England’s ‘Talk Sports’ reported on the 30th (Korean time), “Ten Hag sent a clear message to Manchester United. He told them to sign a striker.”

Contrary to concerns before the season, manager Ten Haag is leading the team in the right direction. He suffered two consecutive losses at the beginning of the season and was criticized by the fans, but he immediately came up with a strategy that was appropriate for the team and went on a winning streak. In the process, he won the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) and brought the team a trophy in six years.

The upcoming summer recruitment has become very important. In order for Manchester United to rise to the throne of Europe again, it is essential to recruit strikers. Manchester United parted ways with Cristiano Ronaldo in November last year, mutually terminating their contract. Afterwards, through the winter transfer market, he filled the void by signing Boot Verhost on loan.

However, signing a striker in the upcoming summer is essential. Manchester United are already linked with Harry Kane, Victor Osimen, Dusan Vlahovic and Rasmus Hörun. All of them are players who can be responsible for scoring for the team in the front striker position.온라인카지노

Coach Ten Haag has also openly admitted that he needs a number 9 player. “I think everyone knows. It’s no secret that we are short of the number 9 position long term and throughout the season,” Ten Haag said in an interview with Talk Sports.

“At first, Ronaldo was absent, and Anthony Martial did not play often. Jadon Sancho also did not play often. As a result, the front line players were lacking. There are few players, but we have to play many games. We need players to strengthen,” he added.

Of course, Manchester United have a number of players who will play a front-line role in the squad. Marcus Rashford and Martial are representative players. Manager Ten Haag also said: “There are many ways to approach it. Rashford can also play very well as a number 9. Martial is also a great number 9. We have players who can do that, but it will definitely have an impact. We need quality players who can improve the problems in the front line,” he said.

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