Thank you so much for the story of SON towards Conte” The reason why I was impressed from the start of Stellini

Acting manager Christian Stellina thanked Son Heung-min for his touching story.

England’s ‘Football London’ introduced the reaction of Acting Stellini on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time). Acting Stellini said, “For players to take responsibility in these circumstances means that they are mature. They think about their performance, what they are doing, how important they are in the dressing room and on the pitch. Heung-Min Son is an important player. “he said.

He emphasized, “It is important to hear this answer from Son Heung-min at a moment like this. It means that he wants to focus on the current situation and escape from this moment. This is a very important story in the situation where Antonio Conte has left. Thank you.” .

Son Heung-min heard the news of Conte’s breakup during the A match break. He was the first Tottenham player to break silence after a friendly match against Uruguay.

Son Heung-min said, “I’m very sorry. The coach is a world-class leader. He had a happy journey with me.”

He also emphasized, “I should have shown a better image, but the coach took responsibility for not helping much. I feel responsible for that. .안전놀이터

Conte is gone. However, Acting Stellini, the ‘Conte Division’, remained. There was a request from manager Conte.

Tottenham will play the 29th round of the English Premier League (EPL) with Everton at 4 am on the 4th. Director Stellini dismissed the current situation as “not a crisis” and promised to make a comeback.

Acting Stellini relayed Harry Kane’s words. “Kane said that this is a special moment and he wants the players to take responsibility and respect the staff because they know us. After that I could feel the smile and the respect again.”

Tottenham have 10 EPL games left this season. Tottenham are currently in 4th place. Acting Stellini, as well as Son Heung-min and Kane, are putting their life and death on the ‘Big 4’.

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