The stadium is the only place where the voices of the fans can come out

 At the K-League site for two days in a row, soccer fans expressed their positions and voices without hesitation.

On the 1st, at the Tancheon Sports Complex where the K-League 2 match between Seongnam FC and Chungbuk Cheongju FC was held,토토사이트 the Seongnam supporters ‘Blacklist’ heard that “match fixing, we have never forgiven”.

On the same day, at the Incheon Soccer Stadium, where the K League 1 Incheon United-Daegu FC match was held, hangings with contents such as “Fans are not dogs” and “Against match fixing” were put up from the Incheon cheering seats. Even during the Daejeon-Seoul game, fans in the Daejeon cheering stand held up hangings that signified their opposition to the match-fixing amnesty for a while.

This was a protest by soccer fans against the surprise amnesty of 100 soccer players by the Korea Football Association (KFA) on the 28th of last month, an hour before the game against Uruguay. After the amnesty, public opinion simmered, and the association hurriedly conducted a reexamination and announced the withdrawal of the amnesty, but soccer fans criticized the association in the ‘soccer stadium’, not elsewhere.

If any criticism was directed against the association, a silent protest was also held for two days. At the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, where Jeonbuk Hyundai and Pohang Steelers matched on the 1st, fans of Jeonbuk Hyundai, as predicted, did not raise their voices and took out a hook demanding the resignation of CEO Heo Byung-gil and coach Kim Sang-shik.

Even after the goal was scored, fans who did not cheer for ‘O’ Rele’ blocked the club’s bus leaving work after the game. After the confrontation, the fans who passed the team bus first, however, did not send the bus coach Kim Sang-sik was on. In the end, coach Kim Sang-sik was able to leave after leaving a principled message to the fans that he would take responsibility as Jeonbuk coach.

At Suwon World Cup Stadium, where the match between Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC was held on the 2nd, fans of the home team made a similar appearance to Jeonju Castle. Suwon fans hoped for a turnaround by barely avoiding relegation last year, but they recorded 4 consecutive games without a win (1 draw, 3 losses) and are currently at the bottom of the K-League 1.

Previously, Suwon fans received an apology and a promise of change from coach Lee Byeong-geun by ‘blocking the bus’ twice after consecutive losses against Suwon FC rivals and against Daejeon Hana Citizen. However, on the 2nd, Suwon supporters aimed at the club front rather than the manager and players.

They showed a slightly different texture from Jeonbuk by holding up hanging hangings that read “The front salary is the highest, the club management is the lowest,” and “The front has been hiding behind the players for several years.”

In this way, soccer fans denounced their demands and criticism in the ‘soccer field’, not elsewhere. Of course, they have to make their voices heard without causing physical conflicts and physical and human damage, such as car arson and violence between fans, which often occur in Europe.

In regard to the group or club’s arbitrary actions that are difficult to understand in this day and age, which are difficult to understand in this era of groups or clubs that claim to be communication and are close to unilateral notification, the actions of soccer fans like this are seen as ‘legitimate self-defense’ rather than making unreasonable claims and random eccentricities.

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