“The man at table 13”… The touching reason why it was given in lieu of beef for soldiers 

A story recently shared by a soldier who said he was moved by a meat restaurant has become a hot topic.

Mr. A, an active-duty Army soldier, said he went out and went to안전놀이터 a restaurant with his father.

While I was waiting after ordering two servings of beef, the restaurant owner said, “The man at table 13 paid in advance.”

Surprised, Mr. A looked and saw that a young man who appeared to be in his mid-20s had finished paying and was leaving.

When Mr. A followed the man and thanked him, he said, “Seeing the military uniform reminded me of my brother who is serving in the military,” and said, “You’ve worked hard,” and left.

Mr. A said, “I had a warm and hearty meal with my father,” and “I am grateful to the man at table 13, who gave me strength to do my national defense duty more diligently.”

Netizens who heard the story responded, “Minister, please find the man at table 13,” “I’m learning today, too,” and “I support the soldiers.”

(Planning: Kim Do-gyun, Composition: Park Ji-yeon, Editing: Kim Joo-hyung, Screen source: Facebook ‘We deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center’, Production: Digital News Editorial Department)

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