Tottenham Kane, secret contact with PSG→Possibility of leaving the EPL UP→Fans are embarrassed by the sudden contact with the league’s most goals

 Harry Kane of the English Premier League Tottenham is known to be leaving Tottenham. Kane’s agent was recently found to be in secret contact with France’s Paris Saint-Germain, adding fuel to Tottenham breakup rumors.토스카지노

England’s The Sun reported on the 17th that ‘Harry Kane’s side met PSG director Louis Campos for his transfer’.

According to reports, Harry Kane’s representative has met with PSG to discuss a potential move. Kane is said to be leaving Tottenham this summer, though his contract is until the end of next season.

As is well known, the team that stepped out to recruit Kane is actually Manchester United. It has been a long time since Kane was ranked number one in the summer transfer market. Of course, not only Manchester United, but Kane is interested not only in the EPL but also in Europe’s big clubs.

PSG is almost confirmed that Namir and Lionel Messi will leave the team at the end of this season. There is Kylian Mbappe, but the attacking team needs to be reinforced. So he reportedly had Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski in mind, but failed to sign him. As an alternative, it is said that Kane is being sought.

It was reported that the French media reported that PSG and Kane started talking. According to a report by ‘Foot Mercato’, sporting director Louis Campos recently met with England captain and Tottenham’s agent Kane to propose a move to PSG.

Of course, there is a stumbling block because Kane has a goal. Kane wants to break Alan Shearer’s 260-goal record, which has been the Premier League’s most goals on several occasions. PSG is also known for this fact, so it is said that they want to recruit Kane while giving him unconventional treatment. Kane currently has 210 goals. He is 2nd all-time in the EPL.

Kane currently earns £200,000 a week at Tottenham. Manchester United, which wants to sign Kane, has a plan to give Kane an unconventional weekly wage increase if he transfers. Therefore, it is known that PSG is also planning to pay a huge salary in order to shake Kane’s heart.

Tottenham appear to not want Kane’s transfer. It has been said that if negotiations with Kane break down and he transfers, he will ask for 100 million pounds as a buyout fee.

In fact, Kane doesn’t seem to have much attachment to Tottenham. He already expressed dissatisfaction at the beginning of this year, saying, “There was no conversation with the team about a new contract.” Recently, Kane revealed that he wanted to help improve Tottenham’s culture, adding to the rumors of his stay.

In an interview with a British media outlet, Kane hinted at staying, saying, “I’m trying to talk to the Tottenham owners and staff and offer their opinions on some things that can help us be more consistent and successful.” did.

The season now only has half a year left. Whether Kane will remain in Tottenham or transfer to another club, attention is focused on whether he will remain in England or cross the Dover Strait.

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