Waves and waves, only ghost stories… Conte recruited youth players as ‘training mannequins’ before youth games

A ghost story about Antonio Conte, who left Tottenham Hotspur, has been added. It was known that youth players were called out right before youth games and used as ‘first-team training mannequins’.

“Conte sometimes plays a static role in training the under-21s (U-21) first team on the morning of youth games,” Alesdair Gold, England’s Football London and dedicated reporter for Tottenham, said on the 31st (Korean time). made it happen,” he said.

Conte has left Tottenham. Tottenham said on the official website on the 27th, “Coach Conte has left the club by mutual agreement. The club appreciates Conte’s contribution to winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) last season and wishes him a good future. ” announced.

Several incidents overlapped. Coach Conte lost the trust of Tottenham’s leadership due to the UCL dropout and rumors of a disagreement with Tottenham’s players. After the match against Southampton, the ‘bomb remark’ was only a trigger. General manager Fabio Paratici even said it was “the right decision for everyone” (terminating the contract with Conte).

Since then, ‘ghost stories’ have surfaced one by one. A typical example is ‘running 2km before the game’. According to the British ‘Daily Mail’, coach Conte ordered his players to run 2km before the game. Running as a light warm-up can be considered a routine, but 2km is a bit long.

The overall training itself was also dissatisfied. Tottenham reporter Dan Kilpatrick of ‘Football London’ said, “Many Tottenham players felt tired from Conte’s repetitive training sessions and reacted negatively to the schedule.” In addition, coach Conte had no choice but to say goodbye to Tottenham as he lost the trust of the players with the ‘bomb remark’.

Another ghost story is known.안전놀이터 It was used as a sidekick for first-team training just before official matches. Tottenham’s futures, who need to warm up in the morning or practice tactical movements, are sacrificed to the level of ‘mannequins’ in first-team training and lose precious opportunities.

As a result, the gap between the first team and the youth gradually widened. Reporter Gold said: “Coach Conte prefers older players with more experience than youth players, except for players who have already reached the first team level. Director Paratici also focused on the adult team. Academy officials say the gap between the first team and youth is even greater. They claim it never happened.”

England’s ‘HITC’ also said in this regard: “Conte’s firing was too late. Tottenham were proud to have a manager like Mauricio Pochettino who was not afraid to give young people a chance. Conte was the exact opposite.” Analyzed.

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