When I tried to rob an unmanned store with a brick, I hit the back of my hand and said, “Ahhhh.”

According to the Bucheon Sosa Police Station on the 5th스포츠토토, a report was received at around 5:52 a.m. on the 3rd at an unmanned ice cream shop in Bucheon City saying, “two men broke the payment terminal with a brick and ran away.”

The store owner found it strange that the terminal was crooked, watched closed-circuit ( CC ) TV , confirmed the crime, and reported it to the police. The CCTV footage released by

SBS clearly shows the crime scene. A man touched the payment terminal, went outside, took a brick from outside, and hit the terminal’s lock repeatedly. Then he accidentally hit his hand and lowered his head in pain. Next, another man who appeared to be a member of the group came in and hit the terminal again with a brick, but when the lock did not fall, the two men left the brick behind and ran out.

Due to their crime, some terminals worth 3.5 million won were damaged.

The police are tracking the two men who ran away based on CCTV . The police said, “The men who ran away are estimated to be in their teens. If they are arrested, we plan to book them on charges of attempted special theft.”

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