“Why are we the only scapegoats?”… Front-line police angry at shifting responsibility, notice of ‘collective action’

As the government clearly expresses its intention to hold the police accountable in connection with the ‘Osong underpass flooding’ disaster, front-line police officers are seething토토사이트. Even before the cause of the disaster was identified, a ‘collective action’ was foreshadowed by the government’s attitude to shift responsibility.

According to police insiders and outsiders on the 24th, the National Police Workers’ Association (Jikhyeop), which is equivalent to a police union, plans to hold a rally in front of the Government Office for Government Policy Coordination at the Sejong City Government Complex for a week from the 26th to denounce the transfer of responsibility to the police in connection with the Osong disaster. “The mourning period for the Osong disaster has been extended to the 26th, and the date of the assembly will be decided after internal discussions,” said Min Gwan-gi, head of the direct association.

The collective action of front-line police officers originated from the request for inspection and investigation by the Office for Government Policy Coordination. Earlier on the 21st, the Office of State Affairs requested six police officers to investigate, saying, “As a result of the inspection, a serious mistake was found in the process of handling the 112 report.” The direct inspection by the Office of State Affairs is also unusual, and their complaint is that the intention of targeting the police in charge of the investigation is impure in the first place.

In fact, the internal network of the police is flooded with accusations that “the government is preoccupied with making scapegoats.” Just looking at the facts, the cause of the flooding of the Miho River was the collapse of the temporary embankment, so it is the logic that even if an investigation is conducted, the fault of the management body, Chungcheongbuk-do, should be questioned first. It was only on this day that the Office of Government Affairs requested additional investigations from the Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Office.

A police official who requested anonymity said, “The bulletin board is overflowing with criticisms such as ‘The police are always the scapegoat’ and ‘The police are responsible for the fight’.” Another police official also complained, “I have to cover up the truth, but it is cruel to say ‘you are wrong’ to the police officers who worked overnight shifts in the midst of heavy rain.”

Arrows of dissatisfaction are also directed at the top of the police force. It is said that only the police are silent, rather than taking a reasonable response against the government. Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun did not rule out the possibility at a press conference that day, saying, “It is a matter to be decided through consultation between the investigation headquarters and the prosecution” on whether or not to transfer the investigation of the disaster. On this day, the Cheongju Prosecutor’s Office seized and searched the Chungcheongbuk-do Office and the Heungdeok Police Station in Cheongju, and there are even interpretations that the initiative of the investigation was transferred to the prosecution.

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