Tae-Hum Kim, Governor of South Chungcheong Province, “Full support for damage from torrential rain”… How to get funding?

Kim Tae-heum, governor of South Chungcheong Province온라인바카라, announced that he would provide full support to all local residents affected by the torrential rains.

He said he would borrow money from the Nonghyup from this week and pay it with the disaster budget and donations.

Reporter Cho Jeong-ah reports.


Chungcheongnam-do received an average of 300mm of rain for four days from the 13th.

As the embankment was lost and a series of landslides occurred, four people died in Chungcheongnam-do alone and 10,000 ha of agricultural land were flooded.

Although designated as a special disaster area, the government’s disaster subsidy is 36 million won when the house is completely destroyed, which is not enough for complete restoration.

Kim Tae-heum, governor of South Chungcheong Province, has come up with an unprecedented measure to support the full amount of damage to all affected residents.

Starting this week, the Nonghyup first pays half of the damage per household calculated by Chungcheongnam-do and 15 cities and counties in advance, and additionally pays the rest after settlement.

The budget, which amounts to 80 billion won, is planned to be covered by the government, South Chungcheong Province, disaster relief funds from each city and county, and public donations.

In addition to the cost of complete housing restoration, home appliances and household items are supported in kind, and farming facilities are also supported up to 90% of the damages, including agricultural machinery, which are excluded from compensation in disaster insurance.

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