“You can’t even touch the corpse”… Blisters just by brushing, Jamboree ambush ‘burn bug’

At the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’안전놀이터, where heat-related patients poured in due to the heat wave, insect bite patients are also appearing one after another.

According to data released by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on the 4th, there were 1486 patients related to the Jamboree that occurred on the 3rd. Among them, 383 patients were caused by insects (36.1%), followed by skin rashes (250 patients (17.1%)) and fever symptoms (138 patients (9.4%)).

Mosquitoes and burn bugs were infested in the water pits in the campsite, resulting in a series of insect bite patients. In fact, members of the British scout delegation who decided to leave the Jamboree early on the 5th complained that they suffered from bugs.

In particular, burn bugs emerged as an ambush. The burn bug is an insect called ‘blue ant half wing’. These black-and-red striped bugs live mainly in wet areas such as rice fields and are attracted to light at night, so they have a strong tendency to enter campsites with lights on.

Burn bugs emit a toxic substance called pederin when stimulated. Because of this, even if an insect rubs or touches the skin, it burns like a fire, and redness and blisters occur.

If you come into contact with this insect, do not touch or scratch the wound and wash it thoroughly with running water or soap. Pain and itchiness appear at the wound site for a few days, and usually heal spontaneously after 2 to 3 weeks. Applying topical steroids or topical antibiotic ointment relieves symptoms, and in some cases, steroids and antihistamines can be taken.

If you find a burn bug, do not catch it with your hands, but use a fly swatter or other tool to catch it. Do not touch the dead body directly. Insects attached to the skin should be removed by wrapping them in paper or tissue paper or blowing them out with your mouth.

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