“You change your eyes and interfere with business”… Reasons for discontinuing Jeju Cafe, ‘Kids Zone’

As a cafe in Jeju Island stopped operating the ‘Kids Zone토토사이트‘, citing that employees are stressed due to customer complaints (protests), the controversy over the so-called ‘No Kids Zone’, which prevents children under a certain age from entering , is again controversial . it’s blowing up

On the 23rd, a cafe in Hallim-eup, Jeju, posted an article on Instagram saying, “We inform you that the operation of the Kids Zone is temporarily suspended.”

The operator said the reason for discontinuing the Kids Zone was “because the employees are under a lot of stress due to the excessive claims of some customers.”

This cafe is divided into the main building, which is a ‘no kids zone’, and the annex, which is a ‘kids zone’, where children can enter.

The operator said, “In the main building, which is a no-kids zone, the children ran, screamed, threw sand into the bath, and immersed bowls in the bath, but parents watched while taking pictures.” “The staff said, ‘Please move to the kids zone’ When you say something, your eyes suddenly change and you start to deliberately disrupt and embarrass your business so that everyone else can hear it.” It is rumored that there were even cases where they left their seats after receiving a full refund of payment expenses worth 50,000 to 120,000

won , such as coffee and meals they ordered . The No Kids Zone, which blocks children from entering, has been a subject of intense controversy. First appearing in 2014, it is estimated that there are now more than 450 No Kids Zones across the country. In May last year, an ordinance banning the no-kids zone was proposed in Jeju, but in the process of reviewing the standing committee of the Jeju Provincial Council, various objections such as violations of the upper law were caught, and the review was eventually put on hold.

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