Behind the mask of the ‘donation angel’… Japan’s ‘Balkak’ to a married singer who had an affair with a fan and even got pregnant

A famous Japanese illustrator (illustrator) 326 (real name Mitsuru Nakamura, 45) committed an affair with a female fan and even made her pregnant, causing controversy. The locals were even more shocked because he took the lead in doing good deeds, such as supporting children suffering from incurable diseases and bereaved families who lost children.

According to Japanese News Post Seven on the 24th, it was revealed that Nakamura, a former folk singer, committed an affair with a female fan despite having a wife and child.

It is known that Nakamura had an affair with a female skin care professional in her 30s. According to Mr. B, a friend who knows Mr. A well, Nakamura and Mr. A안전놀이터 first met at Nakamura’s exhibition held in April and May, and then exchanged messages through social networking services (SNS).

Afterwards, Mr. A decided to get Nakamura as a gift for her new illustration, and she met her at her coffee shop for this and they broke up. With this opportunity, a full-fledged meeting between the two began. Then, in early June, Nakamura invited Mr. A to a hotel and had an inappropriate relationship.

Nakamura confessed to Mr. A, “I want to protect him for the rest of my life,” and Mr. A said that he did not use contraception. However, Nakamura is said to have confided, “It’s difficult to have a child,” and “I have to protect my family.”

Mr. A, who did not know that her lover was married, fell into disappointment. It is reported that her wedding ring was not worn, and information that he was married was not yet known.

Mr. A deleted all of her SNS to sort out her relationship with Nakamura. However, Mr. A, who was suddenly diagnosed with pregnancy and wanted to give birth to her child, prepared for her birth. Nakamura agreed to pay her child support. During this process, Nakamura also tried to have sex with Mr. A, but she was rejected.

Mr. A gave up on his job transfer plan and decided to move to an area with good childcare support, and was sincere about childbirth and childcare, but ended up miscarrying earlier this month.

Afterwards, Nakamura said that she wanted to continue her relationship with Mr. A, but the two grew estranged. Ms. B said, “The thing that Ms. A never forgave was that she never revealed that she was married to Nakamura before she had a physical relationship with her.” She was worried that there might be.”

Nakamura, who got married about five years ago, even has a child. Fans were also shocked by his affair scandal. For several years, he has built an image of a ‘donation angel’ externally by working hard to support children with incurable diseases and bereaved families who have lost their children. He was in charge of designing jackets and writing lyrics for the folk duo ’19’ formed in 1998. In the late 1990s and 2000s, she became very popular with local women and has written more than 25 books. Although he has reached middle age, he still has a special presence among female fans in their 30s and 40s.

Nakamura admitted having an affair with Mr. A and being pregnant. “I did the worst thing as a person,” he said. “I said I was married. It seems that it was not conveyed properly to the other party. I didn’t intentionally hide the fact that I was married.” He continued, “I’m sorry for hurting Mr. A. It seems that the delivery method was wrong in many ways. I will atone.” I will,” he added.

Local media outlet Nikkan Gendai quoted a publishing official as saying, “Until the 2000s, Mitsuru’s charisma was so great that she was popular with women. She was often seen walking with various women around the entertainment district,” he said.

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