“You hit the player, but you let it go?”… “Kim Min-jae’s former team” decided to leave the league with the risk of relegation

Fenerbahce, a Turkiye, has been tough on the shocking violence that occurred some time ago.

Britain’s “Sports Bible” said on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “Fenerbahce is threatening to withdraw from the league just days after the players were attacked by fans of the opposing team.” 업소알바

The incident took place in a match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor in the 30th round of the Turkiye Schiefer League on the 18th. Trabzonspor finished the first half with a 0-2 deficit, but succeeded in balancing the game with points scored in the 19th and 31st minutes of the second half. However, at the end of the game, Mickey Bachuay allowed a point and suffered a 2-3 “theater defeat.”

The Fenerbahce players performed a fierce victory ceremony on the pitch when the whistle blew after the game. And there was an instant mess when angry Trav John’s home fans stormed the stadium. Several fans in the stands rushed into the stadium at once to chase the Fenerbahce players, and several fans in the stands rushed into a situation that became uncontrollable, and safety personnel were deployed belatedly to try to suppress the large crowd, but it was too much to control.

In the process, fistfights between some Fenerbahce players and Trave Jones fans occurred, which shocked them greatly. The Sun said, “Fistfights broke out all over the stadium, and in one video, Bachuay was seen hitting a Trave Jones fan with a spinning high kick. Also, Fenerbahce’s Bright Osai-Samuel punched the person running towards him and knocked him down.”

Immediately after the incident, Fenerbahce expressed their anger. This is because the Turkiye authorities’ response to the incident was minimal. Media reported, “Fenerbahce is threatening to withdraw from the Turkiye Schiefer League after the incident and is expected to raise the issue at the club’s members’ meeting in April. Fenerbahce is very upset that no significant action has been taken since its players are in danger. If Fenerbahce withdraws from the league, he will forfeit the remaining games and be relegated to the Second Division.”

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