“Young wave” “Tomorrow will come” Peddy, the best foreign pitcher in the league, behind the scenes of the dialect video

A video uploaded by the NC club on the 18th drew a lot of attention. The match between NC and SSG, which was scheduled to be held at Changwon NC Park on this day, was canceled due to rain.

NC posted a video announcing the cancellation of the rain on the club’s YouTube, and the main character was NC foreign pitcher Eric Peddy.

Peddy spoke skillfully in Korean, saying “Mah!”, “Look at me”, “Young Pie”, “I’m looking for a gangrene today”, and “I’ll come tomorrow”. In the dialect of South Gyeongsang, it meant, “Because it’s raining, we can’t play because the stadium is in poor condition, so come tomorrow.”

NC Eric Peddie. Senior Reporter Jeong Ji-yoon

As of the 21st, this video has 5.7 million views. Considering that the number of subscribers to the NC Dinos club channel ‘Ntube’ is just over 60,000, this is a huge number of views. In addition, the club’s SNS, where this video was uploaded, exceeded 7,000 ‘likes’.

NC fans paid attention to the story behind the video. In particular, the curiosity about who the main character taught the dialect grew. Others suggested that Son Ah-seop, who has a strong dialect accent, told the story.

An official from the club said, “The Ntube planning team sought advice from a dialect expert at the club. He said the expert recorded it himself, and Pedi copied it after hearing it.”

NC also uploaded another new video the next day. It was a video of Peddy saying, “Wow~ The weather is right, I’m coming to play.” It was a video meaning that now that it is not raining and the weather is nice, come to the baseball stadium to watch a lot of games.

The reason why this video resonated with fans was because Peddy, who is so good at baseball, did a unique fan service.

As of the 20th, Peddie recorded an average ERA of 1.63 with 7 wins and 1 loss in 9 games.

NC changed all foreign players ahead of this season. Drew Luchinski, who played the role of an ace, also bid farewell to NC, challenging the major leagues.

And one of the newly recruited pitchers by NC is Peddy.

Peddy is a proven major leaguer who served as the team’s 5th starter when Washington won the World Series in 2019, and last season as well.토스카지노

As a pitcher who played an active part in the big leagues, he continues his reputation in the KBO league. 2nd in ERA, 1st in wins, 2nd in strikeouts (71), 4th in innings (55.1 innings), 3rd in WHIP (0.99), 4th in quality starts (6), 5th in batting average (0.207) ), which ranks at the top of various rankings.

Thanks to this kind of pedi, NC is still in the semifinals in May. This is the reason why NC fans shout, “Let’s become a lifelong NC player because you speak the dialect well.”

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