1.4 million people ‘rumbling’ in a neighborhood of 40,000 people… Residents screaming

■ Host: Anchor Bo-ri Yoon
■ Appearance: So-young Bae, Professor at Kyung Hee University’s Hotel and Tourism College

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◇Anchor> Because of this, people are even saying things like, “Please stop coming now.” I’ll take a quick look at the screen to see how crowded it is and then resume the conversation메이저놀이터. The video you are watching is from Greece last summer. It was a heat wave of over 40 degrees Celsius, and now the Acropolis, which is full of ancient Greek ruins, is crowded with tourists. At this time, it was nice to see the sights, but there were also great concerns about the health and safety of tourists. Let’s listen to what local officials have to say.

[Stella Katulopoulou / Greek Red Cross Officer: In fact, there were more accidents today than yesterday, and there were people fainting, people feeling dizzy, and elderly people who couldn’t walk… ]

◇Anchor> Even though it is currently a heatwave with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, there seems to be a huge crowd of tourists. In addition to these cases, what other problems do you see caused by overtourism?

◆Bae So-young> As I mentioned earlier, revenge tourism is causing a phenomenon where many tourists flock to major tourist destinations around the world at once. For example, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the population is about 40,000, but 1.4 million tourists visit each year. In the case of Venice, Italy, 3 million people visit a city of 50,000 people. In a more extreme case, in Hallstatt, Austria, the population is only about 700, but up to 10,000 people visit at a time, causing significant damage to the residents. In the case of tourist destinations, they are originally destinations that we visit, but for local residents, they are also a place to live and conduct daily life. Also, various natural cultures come together. When tourists temporarily exceed the tourist capacity, we call it overtourism or overtourism. And these can lead to a variety of problems. For example, because many people gather at once, the noise becomes very serious, and trash and increased traffic cause a lot of inconvenience to residents. Also, as the number of outsiders increases, security problems and other such issues will arise, and the crime rate will also increase. And there are cases where the natural environment that residents enjoy is damaged and damaged. For example, a few years ago, marine pollution worsened on Boracay Island due to the influx of tourists, and the waste problem could not be resolved, so there were cases where the government temporarily closed the island for about six months and then reopened it. And many problems arise due to lack of understanding of local culture. It can be seen that it is also connected to basic manners and etiquette. For example, in tourist attractions, tourists walk around naked at cultural sites related to religion, which are very sacred, or carve letters or graffiti on cultural sites, or enter people’s everyday spaces and take many photos without permission, causing damage to privacy. Problems such as clothing can be seen as a problem of overtourism.

◇Anchor> Because of this, there are even expressions like, “The village disappeared due to a tourist attack.” In fact, it seems that local residents are bound to suffer as the number of tourists increases.

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