Overwhelming size of over 5m… ‘Traverse’ that can easily pull a house

One of the hot topics in the automobile market recently is size. As car camping and camping become popular, cars with large and spacious spaces are attracting attention. This is the Traverse High Country, a semi-large 7-seater sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) from General Motors ( GM ) Chevrolet that I test drove this time . Traverse attracted attention by featuring a trailer house on a domestic entertainment show.

Overwhelming size… solid basic driving performance stands outThe토토사이트 Traverse, which claims to be an authentic American large SUV , is already overwhelming with its length of over 5 meters. The length and height of the traverse are 5230 mm and 1780 mm, respectively. It is somewhat larger than Hyundai Motor Company’s semi-large SUV Palisade (length/height, 4980 mm , 1750 mm) in the same class. Because it is so long, the car sometimes sticks out of the parking space when parking. Parking itself is not difficult as there is an optional 360-degree view function.

The wheelbase, which determines interior space, is 3073 mm. This is also longer than the Palisade (2900mm). As wide as the space is, when the third row is folded, there is more than enough space for a reporter who is about 156cm tall. It looks like two 180cm adult men can lie down comfortably. The third row legroom space is also about 850mm.

The front design, which makes the spacious space look wider, also attracts attention. The radiator grille, which extends left and right, is connected to the top lamp, creating a wider impression. At the same time, the sides have slim lines.

If you are overwhelmed by the size of the Traverse and are inexperienced at driving a large vehicle, you may be worried. However, compared to the Traverse’s large size, its braking and acceleration capabilities were quite stable. It accelerates smoothly and stops firmly when stopped.

In particular, despite its large size, it passed fairly smoothly without any rattling, even on bumps or off-road impacts. The four-wheel drive function, which is installed as standard, gives the feeling of driving stability as if a large car is glued to the ground. In addition to this driving performance, it can be connected to a trailer, so I think it is a perfect car for camping. The Traverse is equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces a maximum output of 314 horsepower and a maximum torque of 36.8 kg.m.

High Country 64.3 million won… Sufficient charm as an imported semi-large SUVThere are not many options for domestic semi-large SUVs . It’s about Hyundai’s Palisade and Ford’s Explorer. The best-selling car in Korea is the Palisade. Palisade is a semi-large SUV that is so popular that it ranked 8th in domestic car sales last August with 3,465 units sold .

Therefore, the Traverse is inevitably in competition with the Palisade. However, the price aspect is disappointing to compete with Palisade. The price of the top trim of the Palisade is about 54.91 million won, which is about 10 million won cheaper than the price of the High Country trim, the highest trim of the Traverse that was tested that day, which is 64.3 million won.

However, if you look at it as an imported semi-large SUV , it appears to be competitive when considering everything including solid driving performance, spacious interior space, and cost-effectiveness. Imported semi-large SUVs include Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLE , BMW X5 , and Toyota Highlander. In particular, it has a similar price range to the Highlander, and it doesn’t seem bad if you want to feel the sensibility of an authentic American SUV rather than a Japanese car specialized in hybrids.

The price of the Traverse is △ LT Leather Premium 56.4 million won △ RS58.1 million won △Premier 60.75 million won △Redline 62.8 million won △High Country 62.8 million won.

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