A ‘donation box’ out of nowhere in the Sillim Memorial Space…“Why are you collecting money?”

This is a memorial space prepared at the site of the murderous murder near온라인카지노 Sillim Station on Subway Line 2 in Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

A box of fruit is placed on the floor, and inside the box is written ‘Contribution box, delivered to the bereaved’.

Moments later, police officers were also spotted interrogating a man who appeared to have left the collection box.

This man said to some reporters at the time, “I will reveal my face and cheat,” and said, “I will really deliver it to the bereaved family,” and some citizens are said to have actually donated money.

The author who posted this photo on an online community said, “I put it back because the collection box was forcibly removed,” and “the bereaved family sobbed and kicked it, and it was an old man who had nothing to do with the victim.”

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station announced that it had investigated this man in his 60s on charges of violating the Donation Money and Goods Act.

When the bereaved family strongly protested, “Who told you to collect money for this?”, Mr. A is known to have insisted, “I tried to convey 70% to the bereaved excluding expenses.”

In addition, he is said to have taken off dozens of memorial notes pasted by citizens, claiming that he was a volunteer.

In this regard, the police explained that they plan to investigate additional charges of property damage along with the alleged violation of the Donation Act.

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