A mother who appeared after 54 years after her son died… “I will take all the death benefits”

After living off contact for over 50 years, when her son died, her mother in her 80s appeared to collect the insurance money and refused even the court’s먹튀검증 arbitration proposal to share the death insurance money with her daughter, causing controversy.

According to the legal community on the 18th, Busan High Court Division 2-1 (Presiding Judge Kim Min-ki) decided to pay 100 million won, which is part of the death insurance money to his mother A, to the deceased’s sister Kim Jong-seon through a decision to recommend reconciliation the previous day. . This money is equivalent to about 40% of the 230 million won insurance money for Kim’s death deposited by the Suhyup with the court. The court’s decision was a recommendation to conclude the lawsuit, but Mr. A submitted an objection and rejected the court’s arbitration proposal. The court is expected to make a formal ruling on the 31st.

Mr. Kim Jong-seon said, “I haven’t been in touch for over 50 years, and even though I went through a lawsuit over my son’s death insurance money, my mother didn’t show her face.” said.

Kim Jong-an went missing in January 2021 after encountering a storm while riding a fishing boat off the coast of Geoje. After his accident, compensation of about 300 million won, including 230 million won in death insurance and 50 million won in settlement from the shipping company, came out to the deceased. Mr. A, who appeared after hearing this news, insisted on taking the compensation money by advocating the inheritance regulations of the Civil Act, and a court battle began.

It is known that Mr. A has been without any contact since the deceased disappeared 54 years ago when he was 2 years old. Kim Jong-sun is calling for the swift passage of the so-called ‘Goo Hara Act’ in the National Assembly, which prohibits the inheritance of property of parents who do not fulfill their parenting obligations.

Seo Young-gyo, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, introduced a related bill in 2021, and the Ministry of Justice also submitted a similar bill to the National Assembly in June of last year. These amendments to the civil law were called the “Goo Hara Act” when the older brother of the late singer Goo Hara petitioned for legislation to prevent this, saying, “My mother, who abandoned the young Goo and ran away from home, wants to receive half of her inheritance after the death of Goo.” there is.

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