“No soap in the bathroom, excrement in the shower”… England left dirty

Prior to the withdrawal of all members of 토토사이트the Jamboree due to the typhoon north, some countries, including the UK and the US, decided to withdraw early from Saemangeum. KBS obtained

the transcripts of private meetings attended by delegations from around the world before and after the decision to withdraw from these countries . It contained complaints about the poor situation that had no choice but to leave Saemangeum. Reporter Song Rak-kyu covered the story. [Report] The British delegation sent 4,300 scouts to Saemangeum. On the night of the 4th, the 4th day of the convention, the decision to evacuate the camp is made. [Choi Chang-haeng/Secretary General of the Jamboree Organizing Committee/Last 5th : “We acknowledge the free decision as a scout and regret that we were unable to continue scouting activities due to heat waves and other reasons.”] was These are the minutes of the Scout delegation meeting held on the morning of the 4th. The Romanian delegation pointed out, “There are signs to prevent Corona 19, but there is no soap to practice it,” and the South African delegation said, “I was shocked that there was no action on the issue raised over the past six days.” In particular, the British delegation, who pointed out that “there was human excrement in the shower, but there was no response from the organizing committee,” decided to withdraw from Saemangeum that night.

[Matt Hyde/British Scout Representative/Last 7th : “I was worried that the toilets weren’t cleaned often enough. It wasn’t safe. The trash was piled up.”] The morning after the news of the British evacuation, Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-

sook promised to improve the problem, saying, “I have mixed feelings,” but the Portuguese delegation asked back, “Does the minister understand why people are leaving?”

At the briefing two days later, Minister Kim explained that the Jamboree was going well. [Kim Hyun-sook/Minister of Gender Equality and Family/Last 7th : “According to a survey conducted by the World (Scout) Federation, about 4% of respondents said they were not very satisfied, so the youth

were enjoying themselves very much…”]

It is expected that the young crew members fainted while waiting in line to board the bus, but that no action was taken.

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