A woman in her 50s who stabbed the hairdresser at a hair salon and escaped, found out that she killed her husband.

Daegu Suseong Police Station arrested and investigated a man in his 50s on charges of murdering her husband and stabbing a woman with a weapon.

At around 9:53 am on the 9th, Mr. A stabbed her director, a woman in her 50s토토사이트, B, at a hair salon in Daegu with a weapon, then ran away in a car and was caught by the police who tracked her vehicle. Mr. B, who was stabbed by her weapon, was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment, and it is known that her life is not affected.

Ms. A stated that she “killed her husband as well” after being caught by the police. Police who visited her home found her husband dead.

Police believe that Mr. A murdered her husband the day before her death. Police urgently arrested Mr. A on suspicion of murder and are investigating the exact motive of the crime.

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