Kakao Bank, in the controversy over the 50-year maturity… ‘Under 34’ age limit

Kakao Bank decided to put an age limit on the 50-year mortgage loan product, which is controversial every day.

On the 24th, Kakao Bank announced that new age토토사이트 conditions will be established for each maturity of the judamdae, and will be applied from the application and contract on the 25th.

Specifically, the 50-year maturity will be available only to those under the age of 34. The 45-year maturity can only be selected by those aged 35 to 39, and the 40-year maturity can only be selected by those aged 40 or older. 15, 25, and 35-year maturities are all available to those over the age of 19.

On the 10th, Kakao Bank increased the maturity of the judamdae from 45 years to 50 years, removing the condition of’under 39 years of age’ on the 45-year maturity. However, the financial authorities recently announced plans to strengthen the management of the principal debt and pointed out that the 50-year debt is being used as a means of circumventing the DSR

regulation by borrower . In particular, he said that Internet banks such as Kakao Bank are responsible for the recent surge in household debt. As a result, Kakao Bank and other banknotes are in an atmosphere of suspending the sale of Judamdae for 50 years or setting an age limit. NH Nonghyup Bank and BNK Kyongnam Bank announced that they would stop selling 50-year maturity bonds. BNK Busan Bank also decided to review the schedule for the release of 50-year maturity bonds. Sh Suhyup Bank and Daegu Bank have decided to set an age limit of ‘under 34 years of age’ for judamdae in 50 years.

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