I really enjoyed the spicy ramen… ‘This man’ surpassed Kim Yuna and Suzy.

 On the 23rd, Lotte Members announced ‘September Advertisements Selected by Consumers’ based on the results of a survey of 500 men and women aged 25 to 54 among the 380,000 Lime panels nationwide, which ranked

high . It was analyzed that the advertisements overall enjoyed the ‘model effect’.

Hwang Jung-min, Kim Yuna, Suzy, Ma Dong-seok, Kang Ho-dong, Kim Jong-min, (G)I-DLE Miyeon, Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, and Eun-ji served as models for the advertisements.

Among these, actor and model Hwang Jeong-min’s Ottogi Mayeol Ramen ‘passionately until the end? The ‘Mobile Phone’ episode took first place.

It received scores that exceeded the cumulative average score for the food and confectionery category in all three advertising effectiveness evaluation items and eight of the advertising content evaluation items. The total score was calculated to be 984.9 points.

In particular, the scores for the model, empathy, and trustworthiness items were high.

Model Yuna Kim’s Cuchen Brain ‘ For best grains launching’ episode (969.9) was토스카지노 도메인 followed by model Kim Jong-min’s Nongshim Ramyun King Kim Tongkkae ‘Kim Jong-myeon’ episode (967.9). Cuchen

advertisements were evaluated based on brand reliability, intention to use, and intention to recommend items in evaluating advertising effectiveness. All scores were high. In the content evaluation, good scores were received in items such as model, impact, empathy, and originality.

In the case of the Ramen King Seaweed and Tongkkae advertisement, the advertising effectiveness evaluation score was not high compared to the cumulative average score in the food and confectionery category, but during the content evaluation, the model , impact, originality, and atmosphere scores were high. This was

followed by 4th place K2 Silk Star ‘Se.Jel.Boo’ episode (966.5), 5th place Shenyang Soju ‘Fall in Shenyang Launching’ episode (959.0), and 6th place Easy Easy Hwan. ‘Blue Refreshing’ section (955.4), 7th place The Kia Ray EV ‘The Beginning of Living EV – Used Trading’ section (945.5), 8th place Kyungdong Navien deep sleep mat ‘Carbon – Technology to create a sound sleep temperature’ section (937.2), 9th place Advertisements such as Nongshim Anseongtangmyeon ‘Perfect with any ingredient’ (934.9) and ‘Soju’s new version, nothing’ (934.0) ranked 10th. Meanwhile, Lotte Members conduct monthly research

. We are conducting a consumer advertising evaluation survey targeting platform Lime panels through Sampick, an AI advertising evaluation automation solution.

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