“I kept it for 4 years just in case you didn’t know” When I saw the text message the teacher received…’Surprised’

The voice of a parent who said that he had graduated from a prestigious university and criticized the teacher for his ‘educational level’.

“How far have you learned now? (I) came out of KAIST Business School and got an MBA . We did that, but the parents who graduated from KAIST are not the problem. Can we continue like this, really?”

Kindergarten teacher A, who revealed the transcript in four years, said, “This is not all,” and additionally disclosed text messages exchanged with the parents at the time.

There was no text message from parent B who filled the screen of the phone.

[Mr. A/Kindergarten teacher]
“I kept doing that without the public in the morning and evening. At first, they didn’t accept it anymore. ask for it.”

There was a day when 28 text messages were poured in just one day.

Parents who say that their child will start attending Taekwondo academy after the House of Representatives.

At first, the teacher said that it was okay if he missed after-school courses more than twice a week, and that the tuition subsidy would not be supported and he would incur a beneficiary contribution due to insufficient number of school days.

However, she soon decided that there seemed to be no big problem in receiving the tuition subsidy, and she said that the child was aiming for a gifted education center at the age of 7.

The teacher gave one more guide about beneficiary burden with a tear emoticon.

Then, this time, parents discussing legal regulations토토사이트.

It’s good to finish the work of a teacher or parent who has become an adult, and what kind of crime is the child’s sin.

Then suddenly, on the day of last summer vacation, my child said that she was hurt by the teacher and that she hit her friend for not even hitting her friend.

The teachers have been saying bad things about her mother, and they threaten to make these issues public and reflect them in the teacher evaluation.

The teacher immediately denied it ever happened.

However, parents said that parents should not run away, and to be careful of stories that could lead to misunderstandings, and ended the conversation by saying that they were busy with their schedules today.

[Mr. A/Kindergarten teacher]
“I think I said that in September. But they said that I hit the child in May. If you do, report it, file a complaint.’ I said, ‘I’m not going to file a complaint. I’m not going to file a complaint about child abuse.’

Teacher A, who claimed to have been bullied by the parent all year round, was pregnant with her second child at the time.

[Mr. A/Kindergarten teacher]
“If this keeps falling into the night and it just becomes quiet, the thought keeps coming up and I think about whether I should try it if I die or you die, but I can’t. I have a family and I have a child to protect.”

Mr. A said that he had kept the transcripts and text messages in case he would be sued for child abuse even years later.

However, she says she mustered up her courage as voices for protecting teacher rights grew louder due to the recent death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School.

[Mr. A/Kindergarten teacher]
“Both in kindergarten and school, there is no right to reject such a person, and there is no right to reject it. Each teacher has to take responsibility. In the next person, this victim continues to occur, and the perpetrator is more active…”

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