“It’s like we’ve gone back to the Stone Age” ‥’The path to refuge in the Gaza Strip’

Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip continued today.

As the bombing continues, some residents have given up on evacuation despite warnings that a ground war is imminent.

The residents of Gaza, who have run out of oil, electricity, and even drinking water, say they feel like they have returned to the Stone Age.

Reporter Son Gu-min reports.

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A building that collapsed into no shape.

I try to remove the debris with my bare hands, but the buried child is already motionless.

A local reporter riding in the ambulance screamed while holding another child in her arms.

In the continued shelling, 14 members of this family lost their lives, leaving only the 6-year-old child by her grandmother’s side.

[Um Muhammad Allah / Gaza resident]
“May God help me. May God give me courage. Every time I think about that time (when we were bombed), I cry.”

The number of deaths from both sides, according to the United Nations안전놀이터, is so far 3,500.

The number of injured also exceeded 13,000.

It is said that it is difficult to obtain electricity, medicine, and even potable water in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, where Israel has announced a ground war.

[Hani Nusran/Gaza Strip resident]
“It’s like we’ve gone back to before 1948. It’s like the Stone Age even before that. There’s no electricity, water, internet or oil.”

One million people, or half of the population of Gaza, have fled, but leaving is not easy.

Long lines formed at food distribution centers in the southern Gaza Strip, and only a few slices of bread were given out.

The southern ‘Rafah Passage’, the only way to avoid Israel’s blockade, is still blocked by Egypt with a wall.

[Faziya Shaheen/Resident of Gaza Strip]
“No matter what happens, we will not leave. We are bombing from all directions, so where can we go? We have nowhere to go.”

Israel claimed that “Hamas is preventing the evacuation of civilians in order to use them as ‘human shields,’” and that Hamas “even committed torture” when it previously raided Israel.

Hamas is also not backing down, releasing footage of its rocket launchers one after another against Israel.

While a military transport plane carrying about 160 Koreans arrived at Seoul Airport last night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We understand that about 450 Korean citizens and tourists are still remaining in Israel.”

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