Marines who died in the line of duty and were killed and their parents… “Exemplar of Superhuman Dignity”

The late marine sergeant Chae Su-geun, who died while searching for missing people in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, left the Daejeon National Cemetery yesterday (22nd) on a path of no return. Hyosung Letting go of the only son who is extremely responsible and strong, his parents’ liver is cut off. The pain of Marine Chae’s parents cannot be described in any language on earth.

Nevertheless, Marine Chae Su-geun’s parents were resolute. It is worth grabbing hold of anyone and pouring out resentment, and it is still possible. “We ask that you prepare strong measures, such as providing a safe mission environment and equipment, so that the public can feel that ‘the Marine Corps is different'” and “As a member of the Marine Corps family, we will support the Marine Corps together with the people and watch the Marine Corps develop further,” a superhuman appearance was revealed in the investigation of Chae Soo-geun’s parents.

I can’t help but say, “Marines have different parents.” Prior to the parents of Marine Chae Su-geun, the parents of the late Marine Kwang-wook Moon, who died in the Yeonpyeong Island bombardment, and the late Marine Ban Chi-mun, who died during an underwater search operation on Ganghwa Island, were like steel. He couldn’t hold back his tears, but he kept his cool to protect the honor of his son who loved the Marine Corps so much. That is why the Marine Corps cannot forget the Marines and their parents who have gone in vain.

“Don’t cry, you guys fought well!”

On November 23, 2010, Marine Corpsman Moon Kwang-wook, who was just a private, was killed in the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island. The following summer, Marine Moon’s father visited the Yeonpyeong Marine Corps unit carrying a lot of watermelons. I miss my son who left carelessly온라인바카라, so I must have wanted to touch his comrades-in-arms who sweated together.

The Marines who jumped out barefoot cried in front of his father, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.” Marine Moon’s father patted them on the shoulder and scolded them on the other hand. “Don’t cry”, “The Marine Corps shouldn’t be weak”, “You guys fought well”, “Instead of Kwang-wook, work harder in the military life and protect Yeonpyeong well”… The Marines’ comrades-in-arms were awakened from this grin.

Former Marine Corps Commander Lee Seung-do, who was the commander of the Yeonpyeong unit at the time, said, “Gwang-wook’s father comes to the artillery fire ceremony every year and says, ‘Thank you for not forgetting and remembering Gwang-wook.’ Joo Jong-hwa, former head of the Marine Corps’ Jeonghun Public Affairs Office, said, “He is a great person who loves the Marine Corps more than Gwang-wook.”

Proposing the establishment of a memorial stone for Su-geun Chae and the enactment of a statue for Su-geun Chae

On April 2, 2020, Lieutenant Ban Chi-moon, who was training to mobilize a high-speed boat off the coast of Ganghwa Island in Incheon, died after being put into an underwater gun search. It was an accident that occurred when his junior jumped into the sea to collect the missing rifle, encountering a strong current that was unavoidable even for the ‘walking field manual’ of the Marine Corps search team.

Ban Chi-moon’s parents’ desire to join the Marine Corps was noble. It is to make sure that the death of the son is not in vain and to remember the son forever. The Marine Corps responded by erecting a memorial to Banchi-mun and enacting a statue of Banchi-mun.

The late Marine Jeong-Woo Seo, who was killed along with Marine Kwang-Wook Moon in the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island, and the late Kim Jeong-Il, the late Noh Noh-Hwan, the late Kim Jin-Hwa, the late Kim Se-Young, and the late Park Jae-Woo Marines who died in the Marineon helicopter crash. Their parents were all the same. He loved the Marines as much as he loved his sons.

Marine Corps should not let Marine Chae Su-geun’s death be in vain. Marine Chae was faithful to the order to protect the safety of the people. Chae’s parents show how diligently Marines must have performed their duties. It is regrettable that the Marine Corps could not protect Marine Corps Chae Su-geun. Wherever there is a disaster, the military has to run again. As Marine Chae Soo-geun’s parents requested, the Marine Corps must take strong measures to prevent such a tragedy from recurring.

The Marine Corps will remember Marine Chae Soo-geun forever. A Marine Corps reserve general who requested anonymity said, “As long as the Marine Corps exists, it is the spirit of the Marine Corps to remember oxidized comrades” and “We must always keep Marines Chae Su-geun in our hearts.” So I suggest to the Marine Corps. I ask that you deeply consider the establishment of the Chae Soo-geun Marine Award, which encourages the marines who devoted themselves to the safety of the people, and the erection of a memorial to honor the sacrifice of the marines. We pray for the rest of Marine Chae Soo-geun, and we wish his parents and relatives well-being.

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