Mobilizing elementary school students to fill the Jamboree results ‥ Violation of the rules and consistent ignorance

With the final K-Pop concert in progress, another problem has been revealed regarding this Jamboree.

It was confirmed that the Korean Scout Federation violated the participation rules and allowed elementary school students to participate when Korean members’ participation in the Jamboree was low.

In order to fill the performance, I mobilized elementary school students who do not qualify.

Reporter Park Hye-jin covered the story exclusively.

◀ Report ▶

Continuous heat waves, dirty bathrooms, and insufficient shower rooms.

On the fourth day of the controversial Jamboree토토사이트, Korean members began to leave one after another, unable to withstand the tough camp.

[Parents of elementary school students participating in the Jamboree (Voice modified)]
“It was difficult for me to be hot, and if my child went to church, he would have camped at church


[00 Elementary School Official (Voice Modified)]
“There were four people, but two were discharged, but yesterday another one was discharged…”

However, it turned out that elementary school students were not allowed to participate in the Jamboree from the beginning.

This Jamboree regulation stipulates that only middle and high school students who have been active for more than one year can participate in the Jamboree.

It was a rule that was relaxed before the competition because the participation of Korean crew members was low.

In order to endure the tough two weeks of camping, you had to have essential skills such as ‘camping site’ and ‘outdoor cooking area’ to participate.

[Korea Scout Association official (Voice modified)]
“The Jamboree is a situation where only those who have completed the first-class course can come, saying that they can endure this even though they need some training. Elementary school students do not have a grade.”

However, it was confirmed that many elementary school students who did not meet the qualifications participated by subsidizing the participation fee.

It was revealed that the Korea Scout Federation encouraged participation in an official letter sent to each elementary school in January of this year, saying that applications could be accepted from the 6th grade of elementary school and that participation fees would be supported.

Recruitment was carried out six times, but only 3,800 domestic applicants were accepted.

As the criticism intensified as it was only one-tenth of the 40,000 applicants from overseas, age was also ignored, and a trick was mobilized to refund the participation fee of 1 million won.

Most of the elementary school students who gathered in this way were not over the age of 14, so they couldn’t even sign up for safety insurance.

[Korea Scout Federation official (Voice modified)]
“As local captains were talking to each other, they said, ‘Too many, elementary school students account for more than 10% (of the participants)’?”

However, the Korea Scout Federation continues to be ignorant, saying that they have never allowed elementary school students to participate.

[Korea Scout Federation official (voice modified)]
“Everyone’s date of birth is listed, but only middle and high school students are accepted, but there can be no elementary school students. Originally, the regulations were for middle and high school (students).”

This is Park Hye-jin from MBC News.

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