Oh Se-hoon orders TBS audit and disciplinary action for ‘fake news’

TBS reported the false interview of Kim Man-bae just before the last presidential election.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government토토사이트 on the 14th, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoonordered an intensive audit of TBS , disciplinary action against those involved, and preparation of measures to prevent recurrence. During the 2022 presidential election, TBS reported a false interview with Kim Man-bae, who said, “Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon cleared up the case by making coffee for a loan broker in Daejang-dong while investigating the Busan Savings Bank case in 2011. ”

It is known that Mayor Oh received a report regarding the claim that Kim Eo-jun and lawyer Shin Jang-sik (former Secretary General of the Justice Party), who appeared on TBS radio, quoted a false interview about candidate Seok-yeol Yoon without verification while broadcasting.

Attorney Shin appeared on ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ on February 23 last year, about 20 days before the presidential election, and cited a false interview reported by JTBC at the time and said, “This is a report that almost solves the last piece of a very, very important puzzle.” .

On March 7th last year, two days before the presidential election, he appeared on TBS’s ‘Shin Jang-sik’s Kidney Opening’ and said of Mr. Kim’s false interview, “It is a recording file that specifically reveals the circumstances that appear to be a patronizing investigation. “

On March 8, the day before the presidential election, he appeared on ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ hosted by Kim Eo-jun, and regarding the false interview in which candidate Yoon covered up the Busan Savings Bank incident, he said, “It is very believable,” and “It is a recording containing Kim Man-bae’s voice. “It is worth trusting enough to be accepted as evidence in court.” Mr. Kim added, “This is very important information for voters to refer to before voting.” A Seoul city official told TBS

that Mayor Oh, who received a report of this content, said, “I had no idea that such blatant, manipulative, distorted and biased reporting would be to this extent.”It was said that an intensive audit was ordered. Mayor Oh then reportedly ordered an audit to investigate the truth at the time and take strict disciplinary action against those involved.

A Seoul Metropolitan Government official said, “Mayor Oh said that TBS served as a ‘fake news production base’ in the name of freedom of the press,” and “ordered measures to prevent recurrence.”

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